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White House using 'twerking' to advertise Obamacare

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There is a new television commercial has been released advertising Obamacare. The latest ad is geared toward young people. According to a March 17 report by the Denver Post, the new TV ad uses twerking to advertise Obamacare.

Twerking a dance move that has been embraced by some young people. The world has seen Miley Cyrus twerking. Several other singers are known for twerking on stage. Even the men from “Duck Dynasty” were seen twerking on television.

Now, twerking is in ad for Obamacare. This ad shows a young woman twerking on a counter in a bathroom. While twerking, she falls off the counter. According to the ad, the fall could have caused an injury and, if the young woman had Obamacare, she could afford medical attention.

“I saw it,” Teresa Kelly, a mother of two from Oklahoma City, said. “It was disgusting. Twerking is gross and it shouldn't be promoted, especially by the White House.”

With the deadline for enrolling in Obamacare quickly approaching, the White House is advertising the new healthcare system. It appears they are hoping the twerking ad will appeal to young people and they will sign up for Obamacare.