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Obama's Executive Orders Endangers Separation of Powers

Now the Obama administration wants to compensate insurance companies for risk. Do you know how that is supposed to work? Well let’s say you and 10 others own an insurance company. If you are not as good at the business and or you are not making a profit, money is redistributed from what would have gone to other companies to make your company more profitable. Their promise is, “This will work.” This one act for all practical purposes removes the cleansing effect and incentives of market competition. This means that nothing that these insurance companies do will be to please each individual insured, but to please the government. Socialism always fails. The UK after trying everything socialistic is now moving towards free market solutions. Reaping what others have sown, as the founders saw, does not work well at all.

After 33 significant changes and delays in the law, most of which was done unconstitutionally by the executive branch, we see they will implement this stupidity.

Understand that the Administration sold Obamacare as costing about 900 billion dollars. It has been adjusted to about 3 times the cost and still rising. The Cost of administration was supposed to be 5 billion and now the re-estimation is about 5 times that and the cost is growing steadily. In addition to these promises, there were the previous lies:
1. If you like your healthcare you can keep it, period!
2. It would save each person 2500 dollars less. It is now more than doubled cost.
3. You would be able to keep your doctor.
4. The uninsured would be covered. More are unsecured as of now.
5. All costs of medical operations are sky rocketing by taxes and lack of competition.
6. Patients are beginning to receive delayed care. It will get worse.
7. The IPAB will decide what, when, where, and how; further depressing advancement.

The American people are paying for the dismantling of their healthcare system.

Add to that the fact that this one man, if allowed to continue, is setting a precedent, that the President has a right to decide what is constitutional, what laws should be enforced and he has taken from congress the ability to make, change, delay and abrogate provisions of the law. His executive orders are now notorious, especially in the healthcare industry. Once he is able to do this in that most important area of healthcare, where else can he not do it. Maybe the Congress should just go ahead and put a crown on his head and stop playing like Washington is actionably a Constitutional Republic.

I should ask also, that if with a stroke of Obama’s pen, he can communize the insurance industry, making them protected vassals of the government; which industry will he buy off next? How long will the Republicans cower and refuse to speak or ever see what is happening. How long will the American people put up with this?

Here are the reasons why Obama care is an immoral method to help the sick.

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