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Obamacare to reduce life expectancy

Another cancer patient has been duped by Obamacare. Stephen Blackwood’s mother, a woman of 58 years, was dealt the equivalent of a death sentence when her insurance plan was canceled, according to Stephen's story in the Wall St. Journal.

Like La Jollan Edie Sundby, Stephen’s mom lost her insurance despite presidential promises to the contrary. “You can keep your insurance” wasn’t what happened.

Mrs. Blackwood’s carcinoid cancer, a neuroendocrine malady, responded to Sandostatin since her diagnosis when she was 49. She received shots twice per month, which her insurance plan covered, along with other drugs and access to specialist physicians with the insurance she had. But, all of that stopped when Obamacare declared illegal the insurance that kept her alive those years.

Life expectancy is expected to decline in the U.S. as a result of Obamacare. The Blackwood and Sundby cases are two among many who will die prematurely and unnecessarily. “The scale of treatments and the quantity supplied of the scaled-back treatments will decline. This will ultimately result in earlier deaths,” reports the Economic Policy Journal.

“The free market is the solution but… government meddling in patient choices will only cause less health treatment,” the Wall St. Journal opines. The American people are coming to know the real intention of Obamacare.

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