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Obamacare: The number of sign-ups doesn't make Obamacare a success

Obamacare’s soft deadline is Monday, according to an ABC News report on Sunday evening. Americans are meeting the deadline to sign up for Obamacare - the nation's health care coverage - if they don’t have employer-provided coverage.

Obamacare: How many enrollees are actually paying into the program?

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Obamacare: The Number of Uninsured hasn't Decreased due to Obamacare

Though the White House continually touts success, the number of young insured paying into the system has not been revealed. And the press is joining in the White House's celebration as if they're celebrating a Super Bowl victory at the beginning of football season. It's insane!

Obamacare costs to consumers skyrocket 12 percent as Obama does victory laps

As the Obamacare is touted by the Obama administration for having some 6 million persons signed up for the Affordable Health Care law which meets its soft deadline on Monday, the numbers don’t signify success of the program at all. As has been said all along, the program needs to have people paying on the high-end of the program’s cost to Americans for the program to work financially. There is no suggestion that the number of enrollees are coming from those who must pay high amounts to be a part of the Affordable Care Act, i.e., Obamacare.

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In fact, after getting on the website to check prices, it has been continuously reported that many – if not most – Americans who would be paying high prices for the program have had sticker shock and thereby have chosen not to sign up. The option, of course, is to pay a tax – as United States Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has called the fine in order to make the law a reality.

For now, that tax has been postponed, and there are those skeptical of the real reason for the tax having been postponed. While the month-to-two-month delay of the failed Obamacare website last October has been asserted as the reason for postponements by the Obama administration, political pundits and other commentators watching the Obamacare timeline of events say that the many delays and postponements of various aspects of the law are happening for one reason and one reason only: to put the disastrous effect of Obamacare on the nation after the November 2014 mid-term elections.

For example, the next incredibly high number of health insurance program cancellation letters to be sent out by the nation’s insurers is now expected to come shortly after Election Day 2014 – instead of just before that date, due to the Obama administration’s tweaking of the program here, there, and just about everywhere.

As the White House waves the Obamacare victory flag due to the alleged number of persons who have signed up, the victory can only come with the program being a financial success as well. The White House is not parting with the figures that are telling the financial story of the program.

Common sense tells anyone - even those who are blinded and deafened by their unexplainable need to agree with the Democratic Party at every turn - that those who can get free health care on the back of Uncle Sam would be the ones who are most-likely to have signed up already – or will sign up. Common sense also dictates that those who are young, healthy, and would have to pay into the system for health care - and don’t feel a need to have costly health insurance at this time – will not sign up. Instead, they will avoid the high-priced insurance by paying a tax which will be much, much smaller than buying the insurance via the government.

There have also been reports about persons who met the first of several deadlines to enroll before the end of last year. Reportedly, an incredible number of those enrollees who were supposed to pay into the program have failed to make their initial payments into the program.

The Obama administration has no idea as to how many people are going to actually pay for the programs they have signed up for – or how many will pay for the programs they sign up for in the future.

Several years ago, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that Americans and Congress would understand the program after it passes. Of the many times she has been off-the-wall with her assertions, she was never more incorrect than when she said that.

Americans are still baffled by much of what is going to happen when this program finally reaches its reality. In fact, they are confused about what is happening at this time with the program. Last week, it was reported that approximately half of Americans didn’t know the Obamacare deadline was coming on March 31, 2014. Many thought it had already passed and many others thought it was later than March 31. One thing is for sure, however, that most Americans still do not want the program. A recent survey suggested that only about 26 percent of Americans are strongly in favor of it, and 56 percent of Americans polled have said they to not want it.

Regarding the "soft registration date" being March 31, 2014, the White House has quite incredibly extended the deadline for enrollment again. How long the extension is has been vague as only "an extension to mid-April" has been reported. Also, reports say that persons who apply after March 31st are 'on their honor' in regards to telling the government that they are enrolling past March 31st because they had trouble getting through to the online enrollment - or other concerns with the startup of the program. How incredibly inappropriate is that for a federally-run program. It is obvious that the White House is going to embarrassing measures to increase the enrollment of the program which apparently met their expectations by the deadline.

One other issue is that ‘as messed up as this program’s rollout has been,’ how can anyone really be sure that some of these alleged enrollees haven’t register more than once when they thought maybe they weren’t enrolled the first time they tried due to all the glitches? It is likely, as time goes on, that more glitches such as this are going to be unearthed and leaked.

As Americans continue to read that some six-to-seven million persons have allegedly signed up for Obamacare, Americans need to keep asking the important question: What percent of those persons are actually paying into the program to make it a financial success for our gravely debted nation?

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