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Obamacare strikes another blow to Medicare recipients

It is odd that Republicans are complaining that Obamacare has a negative effect on Medicare because at one point, Republicans wanted to take a whack at Medicare themselves. What the President and Republicans need to understand is that seniors will not stand still for becoming victims of government incompetence and abuse. Government, through its actions, are now smacking the 60’s generation, and they forgot that there is hot blood among that crowd.

It is the truth, Obamacare hurts seniors by increasing Medicare cost and reducing the doctor pool

The story today by CBS News is that ObamaCare has reduced the number of Medicare providers, and that the cost to seniors has gone up. If that is true as the evidence appears, Obama and the Democrats are striking out with the Affordable Healthcare Law.

Some Republicans are calling for the President to at least fix the problems that are creating this negative circumstance. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio is one who is asking the President to act at once.

“Johnson said doctors in his district have told him their patients were "blindsided" by changes to their insurance coverage, and he cited one constituent who said her nearly 30-year relationship with a favorite eye doctor was ended because of Obamacare.

"Remember how the president said he didn't want to interfere in these relationships?" he asked. "More than 794,000 seniors in Ohio rely on Medicare Advantage - that's hundreds of thousands of broken promises-in-waiting in just one state. Older Americans deserve better. They deserve the benefits they were promised. If the president won't help us repeal this law in its entirety, he ought to step up here, do the right thing and protect our seniors."

Last month, the administration tweaked Obamacare's rules to provide more flexibility to those who had signed up for insurance in the law's marketplace. The adjustment, according to the administration, would allow consumers to switch to an insurance plan with a more "inclusive provider network," provided they purchase roughly the same level of coverage from the same company.

The fix hasn't pacified Republicans, though, who continue to take every opportunity to criticize the law and have elevated their complaints as a primary issue ahead of the 2014 midterm elections. Democrats are wary of a repeat of their disastrous showing in the 2010 midterms, when the GOP first put Obamacare on trial, but they've largely emphasized a "mend-it-don't-end-it" approach to the law.”

Election 2014 is going to be a disaster for Democrats and will also make it very difficult for a Democrat President to govern, even if it is Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton may be waiting for the results before she makes a decision to run officially. If Congress is of the nature that Obama must work with, she may let it go.

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