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Obamacare strikes again

One of the chief political topics for the last two years has been Obamacare. The politicians on both sides of the aisle have been in each others faces regarding the pro's and con's of the Affordable Healthcare Plan. What seems to be clear today is the unintended consequences of this legislation have been more extensive and shocking to the general public than expected. Some of the statements of the Obama Administration have in fact been not true, including some made by the President himself. For example " If you like your current insurance you will be able to keep it." Shortly after the Supreme Court's ruling regarding Obamacare, it became painfully apparent that this was not the case. Insurance companies were required to comply with the Affordable Healthcare act benefit levels' resulting in the cancellation of many polices that did not comply. Those who were canceled were offer polices that met the Obamacare minimums but the premium was increased because of the increased benefit levels.

and my fellow American I can assure you the Health Reform Act has been fixed
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By both implication and statements the Administration indicated that you could still choose which carrier you wanted to provide your coverage and that there would be no underwriting, no limitations on the policy and the company could not charge more for the coverage. However, if had originally enrolled in a Medicare Advantage rather than regular medicare this does not apply. You cannot convert or change to regular Medicare without undergoing underwriting even if it is a limited about of questions. Which, based on the history of insurance, you can be declined, limited, and pay an increased rate

Another more recent example is the Administration's attempt to limit the prescription benefit for those individuals who enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plans. A higher copay was going to be required and drugs used in transplantation and other long term medication were going to be eliminated. Congress eventually block this approach.

As the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act goes forward there will be other issues that are identified. The good parts of the program are being overshadowed by misrepresentation and political wrangling.

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