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Obamacare Stats: 9.3 million newly insured


The most recent, undisputable statistics regarding the current numbers of American citizens enrolled in Obamacare has been released just yesterday. Numbers surely don’t lie as statistics show that a confirmed number of 9.3 million more Americans have health insurance now than in September 2013 ( From the beginning there has been major push back from those not in agreement with Obamacare. People were upset that they had to leave/cancel with their current providers while some simply didn’t want the financial burden of receiving health insurance all together. Now that it’s the law there is no choice.

Before Obamacare upward of 5.4 million Americans were uninsured prior, and insurance through employers increased to 8.2 million. These current numbers are still very early and late sign-ups have yet to be factored in.
Overall, the consensus on Obamacare may never see an entirely positive or negative limelight as many argue that the numbers don’t even matter. Obamacare is providing those uninsured Americans with the opportunity to afford health coverage. Making health care free for all wouldn’t even ease the pain it seems. Time will surely tell how Obamacare affects Americans in the long run.