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Obamacare sign-up deadline is extended

Affordable Care Act Obamacare
Affordable Care Act Obamacare
Oklahoma Policy Institute

With Obamacare's past website issues, the government has extended the deadline, until this coming Monday, March 31, according to news reports last Thursday.

For those who claim to be procrastinators, and don't have insurance coverage but want to sign-up for Obamacare need to get started as soon as possible. At least the Obama administration had those who procrastinate in mind, and agreed to create a grace period beyond this coming Monday for people who start to sign-up but don't finish it -- really! Yes the March 31 deadline is extended. However, the administration didn't really have procrastinators in mind, but actually federal officials understand that having a deadline for thousands of people could cause their site to crash, and said the middle of April is available if you request an extension.

Expected enrollment was estimated to be at 1.2 million people, but so far there has been 1.8 million, and the Department of Health and Human Services won't know final numbers until after the official enrollment is closed.

While the Affordable Care Act is still a highly charged debate with some extremely against it, and some extremely for it, one thing is for sure -- millions have signed up before the deadline.

John Holahan, a fellow at the Urban Institute's Health Policy Center believes it's still hard to tell with a program so new because he feels people could still change their mind about the program once they are using their chosen plans.

Still the successfulness of the program is still unknown due to many variables. Some insurance experts say one specific variable are the number of people who are healthy versus those who are not, and changes from state to state, which can play a role in the costs.

Drew Altman who wrote in a blog post a few days ago, wonders if premiums will stay affordable to people who will get tax credits from the government, after enrollment numbers change. Altman questions credits and costs over time -- depending on the variables that determine costs for healthcare insurance pools.

Will you be signing up for Obamacare, and if you have what do you like or hate about it so far?

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