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Obamacare Prompts Job Cuts

Not much light at the end of the tunnel for Obamacare
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Obviously, the rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act, commonly referred to as “Obamacare,” has suffered more problems than any government designed program to date. However, what many Americans have discovered over the past several months is that the negative effects of this Act are essentially too numerous to count. One of the greatest of these is the systematic destruction of the forty-hour work week. Of course, Nancy Pelosi stated that this reduction in working hours will give Americans “more time to pursue their dreams.” How you pursue dreams without money from a full-time job, however, was a question that she didn't seem able to answer.

Regardless of whether Americans have their sights set on pursuing dreams or not, most of them do not seem pleased about their change of employment status–from full-time to part-time–as businesses try to get out from under what many refer to as an unconstitutional mandate given to them by their president.

The fundamental flaws in the Affordable Health Care Act are numerous. It is common knowledge that it was never read before being passed into law, which in and of itself is outrageous, and now what is coming to light about Obamacare is causing many Americans to question the competence of Washington overall. Among some of the more obvious negative consequences of Obama's mandate to American taxpayers is the destruction of the forty-hour work week, increased taxes, and union members being forced to pay for more expensive plans. This will inevitably lead to the eventual destroying of union health care plans entirely. The latter is a mathematical certainty.

For example, in Bloomsburg, PA, 31 unionized classroom aides who have held full-time positions for many years were reduced from forty-hour work weeks to part-time by the Bloomsburg Area School District. This was obviously done to avoid complying with the unreasonable requirements of the new health care law that mandates that the school district pay over ninety percent of those employees' health insurance plans if they retained full-time status. For obvious reasons, small county school district budgets generally cannot sustain financial burdens of that magnitude.

The aforementioned occurrence is by no means an isolated event. Similar scenarios are playing out in American towns from coast-to-coast. This proves that although it may have been intended to help the working poor–although the motive behind forcing this plan on America is surrounded by much controversy–it has actually done the opposite. It has, in fact, resulted in employers using more independent contractors and part-timers, while reducing the hours of their full-time, long-term employees.

What is ironic, is that the vast majority of unions enthusiastically supported Obamacare, as many union members are Democrat candidate supporters and many apparently felt that their leader was working in their best interest. Unfortunately, they failed to fact check in lieu of simply taking Mr. Obama's word that it was “all for the best.” This type of complacency may have created what will eventually be the country's worst employment crisis in the annals of history. In fact, the individuals struggling the most to find reasonably priced health insurance, which are obviously the working poor, are those who will be hit the hardest as their hours are cut and their incomes decrease.

Because the government has recently suspended this job destroying mandate until 2014 midterms are over, businesses remain trapped in an uncertain state, causing them to refrain from expanding or attempting to expand, until they realize just how much financial loss they will have to absorb. Some individuals speculate that this suspension was due to anticipated problems with the Obamacare website and the fact that many Americans are blatantly refusing to sign up for the program. In other words, liberal congressmen may be buying time to try to gain support for this controversial mandate, as convincing Americans to go along with it would be much easier than attempting to fine what may end up being a majority of citizens who simply refuse to comply.

Unfortunately for the President, a vast percentage of those who formerly supported this Act are now seeing it for what it is: a disaster. It is unlikely at this point that Democrats will be successful in their attempt to rally Americans to support the Affordable Care Act. Quite simply, the American public is “on to it.” The question is, did they catch on too late or can we still prevent the crippling effects of this law that should never have been passed?