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Obamacare performing surprisingly well

According to a recent article in Forbes, the State by State break down of ACA or Obamacare has outperformed expectations in some of the most unlikely States.

Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, and Michigan are examples of GOP led States or conservative legislators that have sidelined politics for the health coverage of its citizens. There are quite a few others like Idaho, Kentucky, Washington, Montana, and Colorado that are approaching or exceeding the projected goals set for ACA.

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The numbers are impressive, even though initial rollout was botched and scores of anti-Obamacare rhetoric has been hurled by corporate media or GOP members at an unrelenting pace.

Enrollment by State breakdown of projected numbers and actual enrolled numbers:

Alabama 73,433 projected 43,900 actual 60%

Colorado 82,166 projected 69,600 actual 85%

Florida 403,520 projected 296,900 actual 74%

Idaho 33,564 projected 32,900 actual 98%

Kentucky 63,067 projected 48,600 actual 77%

Michigan 144,700 projected 112,000 actual 77%

Montana 22,125 projected 18,600 actual 84%

North Carolina 189,402 projected 160,200 actual 85%

Washington 94,689 projected 88,900 actual 94%

Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island have surpassed projected numbers with 153.53%, 115.28%, and 137.60% respectively.

Though States like California and New York were expected to have high enrollment numbers, California has attained 118% of its projected enrollment of 614,542 with a 728,100 actual count.

ACA sets a standard for the insurance industry to provide quality and affordable health care for American citizens. And as a group exchange base, the more enrollments, the less expensive the cost. A reality that rears its head when workers lose employment and must use individual coverage like COBRA, which is very expensive in most cases.

If anyone had experienced denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions, the law prohibits insurance providers from using such procedures.

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