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Obamacare nightmare costs Nevada family $1.2 million

Nevada Healthlink
Nevada Healthlink
Nevada Healthlink

Just when you thought the Obamacare horror stories were over, another family has been driven to the brink of financial disaster because of the glitch riddled websites. According to a Friday story by FoxNews, Kynell and Amber Smith purchased a healthcare plan on the Nevada Healthlink website, an exchange designed by Xerox to comply with Obamacare, but were unable to actually use their insurance when they gave birth to their new baby girl. Now, the couple is deep in debt estimating $1.2 million, while they struggle to pay medical bills and take care of their five children.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Smiths originally had to pay a $1,575 premium, but were later contacted and told that their premium was too high. It was eventually lowered to $1,296, but the change brought many glitches. Kynell Smith said that he could no longer log in to see the invoices or billing information of the insurance he was buying.

All I know is, I am sending checks and they are cashing them,” Kynell Smith stated.

When Amber Smith gave birth to their baby girl, Kinsley, they had a shocking discovery. Their insurance carrier, Anthem Blue Cross, had the wrong birthday for the mother, and they were denying all claims for her. Amber was born in 1979, and the insurance company had her listed as being born in 1978 because of an error made on the exchange. Additionally, the couple could not even get Kinsley on their policy. With two surgeries as a result of the pregnancy, and an increasing number of doctor visits for their baby, the Smith’s are drowning in medical debt.

They (providers) keep threatening to send me to collections … I’m like, ‘OK. Would you like me to make $25 payments on 12 doctors, plus all of our hospital bills? I can’t pay all of you,’ ” Kynell Smith said.

The Smith’s have made thousands of calls to Anthem and to the Nevada Healthlink, but still don’t have the coverage they continueing to purchase. Anthem says that Xerox designed the exchange so that personal information changes, like birth year, must be done on the Nevada Healthlink website. Also, Xerox supposedly told Anthem that the Smith’s policy would need to be canceled in order to add another child to the plan.

Meanwhile, Amber and baby Kinsley Smith are without the healthcare coverage they desperately need. The Smith’s have initiated a lawsuit, and are hoping to have it classified as class action.

I’m just praying for January to get here so I can get out of the exchange as quickly as possible,” Smith said.

What do you think needs to be done to fix the Obamacare issue?

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