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Obamacare is good for motocross

Motocross is a young man's sport and when you're young you feel invincible, like you will never die or ever get hurt. So young rider don't think to much about what happens if they do get hurt. That is because when they fall most of the time they bounce right back up, dust themselves off and continue riding with nothing more than some scrapes and bruises.

American Flag raised by toy helicopter for singing of the National Anthem at Motorama 2013.
Glen C Hoffman

But when there is lasting pain behind those scraps and bruises there is usually a trip to the hospital where there are x-rays to be taking, pain medicine to be subscribed and follow up visits to be schedule. And that is if you only have a fracture or minor injury. Heaven forbid if you have to stay in the hospital for a few days because a surgery was required. Now all of this medical care comes at a price and that price has been going up and up and up year after year as well as the premiums needed to buy the health coverage needed to manage these expenses. Something had to be done because there were more and more young people riding and racing without coverage. They felt their wallets being pinched from these rising premiums and weren't about to dig into their monthly motocross budget so they took the chance of riding without insurance. This was also happening in all other communities across the country. Although sometimes it was just because some families fell on hard times due to the recession and had to choose food and paying rent over making the health insurance premium.

This was only making things worse because when someone without health coverage gets hurt or sick they still go get the treatment they need. They just can't pay for it. And when that happens the cost go up for the people with insurance because the hospitals and doctors need to recoup their losses. So the hospitals charged the insurance companies more and the insurance companies in turn charge higher premiums. A law had be created to curb this out of control trend.

As cool as it would be to believe that our government passed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that President Obama signed into law on March 23, 2010 solely to help the motocross family it is more factual that they wanted to help all families struggling with the rising cost of healthcare. It just happens that the motocross community gets to benefit greatly for several reasons.

  • Parents can keep their kids on their policies up to age 26 which is all the way through the prime of their racing.
  • Individuals can get quality coverage at group rates without having to be employed full time at a large company that provides group rates for their employees. That means more time at the track instead of at work.
  • No life time limits. That helps when you've had lots of surgeries. You don't have to worry about going through all of your coverage in your racing career and having none left for your "Golden Years".
  • You may qualify for lower cost based on your income. So if you had a bad year racing and didn't pull in the dough you expected you'll still be able to afford your health coverage for the next season.
  • No refusal for pre-existing conditions. So if you have asthma, diabetes or any other livable disease you will not be denied health insurance nor be charged an inflated rate because of your condition. This means instead of buying insulin or inhalers and worrying about riding without insurance you can spend the money you saved on anything you need to make it to the next race
  • 80% of all premiums must be used for healthcare. So if your insurance company has a good year and has some of that 80% left over. It must be refunded to the insured. It can not go to a CEO as a bonus like in the past.
  • Everyone has to have health coverage. The larger the "pool" the lower the premiums needed by each insured to meet the same healthcare cost. This means hospitals can collect from the person getting care and not have to recoup any cost lost from an uninsured patient.

Health coverage is essential at any age regardless it you race motocross or not because anything can happen and anyone can get sick at anytime without warning. So as you prepare for Christmas be sure not to forget to prepare for 2014 by signing up for coverage by December 23, 2013. That is the deadline for enrollment for coverage to begin on January 1, 2014.

Shop for coverage by clicking here. And have a safe and enjoyable Holiday season.

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