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ObamaCare is FUBAR - How Obama's brilliant ignorance is ruining the economy

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In his ignorance, Barack Obama is micromanaging ObamaCare to mask its destructive effects. While Obama’s low-information voters are all sold on the idea that their “perfect human being” has a singularly genius intellect, the intelligent amongst us recognize that, while quite brilliant, Obama’s wit is confined to how to manipulate dullards and not capable of administering to even the simplest business policies, let alone the American economy. Bill Clinton’s description of him as barely being qualified to be the coffee boy was precise, but failed to take into account Obama’s devious and duplicitous nature. The result was that the freshman senator from Illinois successfully ousted Clinton’s wife as Democrat nominee, and with the help of the sycophantic media portraying him as a messiah, duped Americans into believing he would govern conservatively and get the excessive spending of Republican moderates under control.

Once in power, Obama’s true liberal nature came forth and he not only increased wasteful spending, but began a campaign to bury the taxpayers under a mountain of debt. His plan for increasing taxes with the consent of simple-minded voters was to offer them “free” healthcare paid for by the rich, and a chance to “save the planet” through the so-called Green Energy movement. The result of the healthcare fraud was ObamaCare.

Initially a thousand page law no one read before Democrats forced its passage, people were told it would insure the thirty million Americans who had no medical insurance and not cost the taxpayer a dime, but be “revenue neutral.” The truth of the law has unfolded over the last month as the author’s intent became clear. With Obama scrambling to micromanage the law before the full extent of its destruction of health insurance became known, millions of Americans lost their insurance to the new law.

To stem the tide of defections of his supporters, Obama went into his standard campaign of blaming Republicans, conservatives, the TEA Party, and the insurance companies themselves for not giving him cover. Obama’s MO is to demonize the righteous, making profits satanic, making running a business the pursuit of greed, making socialist theft divine, making coveting right, and making sloth a virtue. Profits are the fertilizer that makes business grow and creates jobs.

Millennials do not understand this and are losing faith in the country rather than in their phony messiah with his bogus ideas. Profits are not excessive charges that greedy businessmen steal from consumers and stuff into their mattresses. If you think that’s a bunch of crap then it’s a wonder you don’t starve to death in your ignorance of fertilizer.

Obama cites Pope’s criticism of America

OBAMA: This law's gonna work, and for the sake of our economic security it needs to work. (applause) If you still don't like Obamacare -- and I know you don't -- even though it's built on market-based ideas of choice and competition and the private sector, then you should explain how exactly you cut costs and cover more people and make insurance more secure. You owe it to the American people to tell us what you are for, not just what you're against.

Every bit of that is a LIE! Obama says it is good law that works well – only in Obamaville. ObamaCare is NOT built on market-based ideas of choice and competition. It is the largest tax increase ever imposed on the middle class increasing America’s debt and not insuring those who were uninsured, but making those who were insured uninsured!

He says if anyone has a better idea his door is open. Then he says Republicans have no good ideas, dismisses them out of hand, and then demonizes them for wanting ObamaCare repealed. Good Republican ideas include making it unlawful for insurance to drop or reject people for existing illnesses. People do not pay for insurance just to feel like they have a safety net.

As for the GOP, people do not want to replace liberal crony capitalism with moderates and their own version of it. Taxpayers want the federal government to stop stealing from them and get the money back that has been taken from their children by liberals. Conservative government spending is the only form of government that allows people to prosper and realize the American Dream.

RUSH: Obama is claiming that it was the New Deal and the War on Poverty and the Great Society that created economic prosperity. Not work, not free markets, not growing economies and increasing job opportunities, but government taking care of people, government creating dependent people.

By Obama's logic, Greece should be an economic showplace.

But it just goes against every fabric of our foundation, and it's colossal ignorance to think that is what built the United States as a superpower. A safety net? The welfare state? That creates economic growth and a nation becomes a superpower because of it? This is why people call Obama "an economic jackass," and it's being kind. What he is is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist.



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