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Obamacare is Finally Here

The first day to enroll for the Obamacare is Oct 1, 2013. President Obama signed the bill into law on Mar 23rd, 2010. ObamaCare's goal is to give more Americans access to affordable health insurance.

A logo for the Obamacare

There are many advantages to the Obamacare and millions of Americans will be able to qualify for healthcare. People that have pre-existing conditions will not be denied health insurance. The new healthcare plan will also expand Medicaid to millions of Americans that are below the poverty line.

Many people are still unaware of how the Obamacare works and there are ways to get questions answered. Applicants can enroll for insurance at or call the helpline 1-800-318-2596 to get assistance with enrollment. Applicants can also choose to talk with someone in person by going to a healthcare center funded by the federal government. Experts called navigators will be on hand to answer questions and walk people through the application process.

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