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Obamacare on its fourth year

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After the Affordable Care Act was signed into law four years ago, it remains unpopular with the public, but there is hope. According to a Pew Research Center report this month, 53 percent disapprove of the 2010 health care law while 41 percent approve of the law.

Opinion for the measure has been virtually unchanged since last September's report by PRC. However, the new national survey, conducted from February 27th to March 16th finds that opponents of the health care law want it fixed, not destroyed. A large number of them want more elected officials to try to make it work than to make it fail.

A majority of ACA opponents, which are represented by 30 percent of the public overall want leaders to do what they can to make the law as efficient as possible, compared with 19 percent of the public that wants public officials to do what they can to see its failure.

The opinions of 3,335 adults in the survey are little changed since December, but in the September poll opponents were more evenly divided over how they wanted elected officials to deal with the law. Deep partisan differences are still prevalent over the Affordable Care Act with 72 percent of Democrats approving of the law compared to 37 percent of independents and just 8 percent of Republicans.

Most who disapprove of the law, among Democrats and independents, want politicians to try to improve it. Republicans are divided on the issue. While 43 percent say elected officials should try to make the law fail, 40 percent want them to try to make it work as well as possible.

Moreover, most Tea Party Republicans say that public officials should work to make the law unsuccessful. Nearly all Republicans and Independents who agree with the Tea Party disapprove of the law (97%) and 60 percent want elected officials to try to make it fail. A large majority of non-Tea Party Republicans (81%) also oppose the law, but 75 percent of them want politicians to try to mend it and make it successful.