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Obamacare hurting New Hampshire college students

Obamacare is hurting NH college students
Obamacare is hurting NH college students

In a report published by NHPR yesterday, it shows the impact of Obamacare on New Hampshire college students – increased prices and less enrollment. Many (if not most) colleges offer a health insurance program that students can purchase while they are on campus. These offers are relatively inexpensive and students purchase them just in case they get ill. Unfortunately, Obamacare has driven up the costs so many students are opting not to purchase insurance through the college.

At one college alone, the report states enrollment went from 300 to 60. Hardly helping Obamacare’s much needed ‘young, healthy bottom line’ in order for the program to be successful. Either these students are choosing to jump onto their parents’ plans or they are choosing not to have health insurance at all. The report doesn’t give details on this topic but it re-iterates that staying on parents' plans until 26 was already a law in New Hampshire before Obamacare.

Yet another segment of Obama supporters are learning the hard, cold facts about Obamacare – it’s costly and replaces health insurance plans they had and liked. Obama’s lie about ‘you can keep your plan if you like your plan’ has now come back to bite college students in the Granite State (and probably across the country). Since students are typically a population that hardly has spare cash, those who actually need to purchase insurance from their alma mater may not be so happy about Obama’s lies or the increased costs.