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Obamacare: Health insurance enrollment for the uninsured will end in 59-days

On November 21, 2013, the United States Census Bureau indicates a decline in uninsured health insurance coverage amongst young adults age 19 to 25-years old due to the March 23, 2010 enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The act allows this age group to remain on their parent’s health insurance plans until their 26th birthday. However, there were no documented changes for the 26 to 34-year old uninsured group.

At this point, the last day for uninsured citizens to enroll in affordable health insurance plans is March 31, 2014. However, if a citizen remains uninsured after this date based on his/her choice not to comply with the Affordable Care Act; although they can afford to pay for a suitable insurance coverage – he/she will be required to pay a penalty.

For instance: Penalty fees are payable at the rate of $95.00 per adult, $47.40 per child, or 1% of the uninsured person’s annual income (whichever fee is the higher). You should be aware these fees will increase every year, and are payable when you file your 2014 tax return which is due in April 2015.

Further, citizens that cannot afford health coverage due to limited yearly income or other situations may qualify for an exemption, but you must apply. For more information concerning this matter, visit the Health Insurance Marketplace or contact the service center. An exemption may be obtainable by citizens who don’t usually file tax returns because of the following:

(1) You are single and under 65 years old with a gross income below $10.000; (2) you are 65 years old or older with a gross income below $11,500; (3) you are married filing separately at any age with a gross income below $3,900, or (4) you are married filing jointly, both spouses 65 or older with gross incomes below $20,000. Determine your gross income level by reviewing the IRS Table.

I am aware some citizens whose gross income falls below one of the above categories, are required to file annual tax returns in order to obtain refunds based on special program entitlements; I suggest you continue to do so. Otherwise, other citizens can learn more about these programs or determine how to get a refund if certain situations exist in your life.

Meanwhile, citizens who are currently covered by a job-based insurance plan, Medicare, Medicaid, Cobra, retiree coverage, VA health coverage, Tricare, or other kinds of health insurance coverage; you do not have to do anything – you are considered covered and in compliance with Obamacare insurance coverage requirements.

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