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Obamacare Health Bill runs Into Michigan Congressman life stand

Mich. Congressman Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) may hold the life or death of  Obamacare in his hands
Mich. Congressman Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) may hold the life or death of Obamacare in his hands
AP Photo- Charles Dharapak.

Michigan Congressman Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) may very well hold the life or death of the Obamacare health plan in his hands. He has been one of the few shepherds of the Right-To-Life movement on the Democrat side in Congress. As the arguments over the size of the bill and whether or not a Senate supermajority could have held – at least until the election of Republican Scott Brown in January – not many in the nation’s capitol or the country knew very much about Congressman Stupak.

It is this congressman who forcefully argued his moral convictions Thursday that the provision in the Senate-passed version of the health plan has language that would permit the federal government to “directly subsidize abortions.”

Last week when President Obama hosted the bipartisan health care summit, he seemed to effectively sidestep the statement about the presence of a paid abortion option in the bill. Yet with a slim five-vote majority in the previous passage of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) version of health care, thanks to Congressman Stupak the Democrat votes may be evaporating.

He is clear and unequivocal when he stated that he and 11 other principled life-supporting Democrat congressmen will vote against the overhaul unless a provision subsidizing abortion is removed. What will the Senate and the White House do? Will there be an admission that the 1,000 page-plus document does have a government abortion paid option? And then have it removed before the Reconciliation Bill vote?

That begs the question, how rare is this type of leadership?

Well in the great northern country of Michigan that Stupak represents the precious commodity of life is well guarded and it seems that Congressman Stupak is keeping that honored principle alive. He firmly stated, “We're not going to bypass some principles that we believe strongly about."

While the administration suggests that the Obama healthcare bill would retain existing restrictions on federally-financed abortions, it will be up to the White House and Democrat Senate leaders prove to the American people that protecting life is in the bill and publicly paid abortions are absent.

Let Congressman Stupak know how you feel about his pro-life stand. . Email him at:

Be very careful. The nation is watching. And the Tea Party Patriots and other conservatives and protectors of life in Michigan and around the nation are demanding that the life vote will not be compromised or dismissed.

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  • tess 5 years ago

    Evidently Bart Stupak doesn't want to be in politics any longer.
    We were sure we were lucky enough to have a good 'thinking man' in our midst but he sort of lost his love for God and Children.

    If he has any children of his own, I feel sorry for them. They will have to live with others looking at them strangely.

  • Rich 5 years ago

    Bart Stupak is a patriot. We need more in congress like him. I pray that he stays the course and helps kill this awful bill.

  • Jill 5 years ago

    Thank you for highlighting courageous acts of leadership, something sorely missing in many of today's representatives. The fact that Stupak is a Democrat on the side of right-to-life, makes him very brave, indeed. I am a conservative Jewish woman in CA, so I understand what it means to be on the "outside" of the rest of the "clan!" Stupak is a true leader.

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