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ObamaCare has increased Medicaid enrollment

ObamaCare has increased Medicaid enrollment, which puts added financial pressure on an already unsustainable system. According to Michael Tanner of the New York Post, most of the enrollment in healthcare has been for Medicaid coverage, although other sources claim the numbers include both new coverage and renewals for Medicaid. Medicaid requires filing yearly renewal questionaires confirming that you still qualify for the service.

Learning about the Affordable Care Act
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Parents of special needs kids who rely on Medicaid can vouch that coverage often falls short of expectations. It takes a long time to get appointments and that is when you finally find a doctor that takes Medicaid and research supports these claims.

Excessive Medicaid dollars do not go to the doctors who accept Medicaid, so many doctors limit the number of Medicaid patients they will serve. The journal Health Affairs reports that approximately 69% of all physicians accept Medicaid, and a study where people presented themselves as mothers of medically involved children were denied appointments 66% of the time.

The Oregon Health Insurance Exchange looked at increased spending for Medicaid and its relationship to outcome of treatment and sadly, the increase spending did not improve the care. As we proceed to provide healthcare for all Americans, it is time to look at the type of care that is provided and not just coverage.

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