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Obamacare glitch? Yet another glitch in Obamacare website: The latest screwup
Obamacare glitch? Yet another glitch in Obamacare website: The latest screwup

Obamacare glitches have rankled the public, who are struggling to fulfill the mandated health insurance enrollment by the March 31 deadline. With only eight days left for open enrollment, the news of yet another glitch to the government’s website, HealthCare.Gov, is an ill-timed error to say the least.

Writes Yahoo! Finance on March 21:

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that HealthCare.Gov has a little-known glitch in its subsidy calculator that, though quite small, may be notifying people who are eligible for financial assistance that they do not qualify for a subsidy. The site’s calculator is an unofficial estimate that consumers can use to see how much financial assistance they qualify for before beginning the application process.”

The glitch, which could potentially have already affected thousands, is causing users of the site to receive an incorrect message that states: “Not eligible for help paying for coverage.” Families who may qualify for financial assistance are being told they do not, which likely impacts their decisions moving forward in the application process for mandated coverage.

According to the Inquisitr, the website’s “estimator has been using 2014 tax definitions instead of the 2013 definitions it is supposed to be using.”

The Inquistr reports:

The false denial messages will mostly affect families whose income falls near the poverty line in states that did not expand Medicaid, like NC. If the household income is above the poverty line, federal subsidies kick in to make insurance more affordable. Below the poverty line, such families get no subsidy at all, because it was intended that states cover the gap by increasing Medicaid.

The government’s enrollment site has been beleaguered with multiple malfunctions since it was rolled out last fall. A series of significant problems with the site have been fodder for late-night talk show hosts and a source on frustration for those using it.

Site crashes, error screens and long wait times were just a handful of problems, causing the president to issue personal assurances and promises that the site would be up and running for the millions of Americans who need health insurance.

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