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Obamacare fraud: Covering for high-tech products causing U.S. sickness

Obamacare sign ups
Obamacare sign ups
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Obamacare: Focusing on the wrong part of the problem

Forcing health conscious, and perfectly healthy, Americans to buy into Obamacare and pay, at minimum, $150 to $200 a month for health insurance premiums— whether they are sick or not, or want the coverage or not— is nothing short of extortion to cover for the continued, criminal deregulation of hazardous industry products that are allowed to flood unchecked into the market, under the fraudulent protection of a “free market” economic excuse, and which are resulting in the lion’s share of the nation’s sickness, and causing the continually rising healthcare costs.

Solving the healthcare problem is fundamentally straightforward. But since those that run this country value profits over human health and life, and are only impressed with complicated, and, almost invariably, inadequate solutions, ultimately designed to sustain the problem, only in a less corporate objectionable manner, the simple, and correct solutions will always be ignored.

That said, the general principle behind solving the healthcare problem is no different than solving any problem. You have to get to the source of the problem to fix it.

And if you don’t want to get to the source, and, in this case, fix the healthcare problem— which is overwhelmingly the result of unregulated hazardous corporate products being dumped unchecked into the market or the environment and making the public sick— then you can only conclude that those in power really don’t want to fix the healthcare problem, despite all the pomp and ceremony about wanting to fix it.

And when it comes to healthcare, the last people you want to try and solve this problem are the corporations that are creating the problem, or the lawyers and economists who are sustaining it, and who know nothing about biology or medicine or what makes a person health or unhealthy— the very ones that created Obamacare.

In fact, Obamacare was sold to the insurance companies and to the U.S. Congress as a “free market” health plan, to use corporate competition to allegedly drive down healthcare costs, with no concept of what is actually causing rising healthcare costs, and the rising healthcare insurance costs to cover them— people getting increasingly, and abnormally, sick— from increasing deregulation of increasingly hazardous industry products being increasingly dumped into the market and the environment.

A lack of healthcare insurance is not causing the increasing ill health among Americans; a lack of non-corrupted product safety regulations are.

And at the crux of the problem lies a fraudulent allegiance to a no longer valid free market economic theory, endorsed by both Republicans and Democrats.

Unchecked profits for corporations “justified” as global benefits

Modern free market policies (whether supported by Republican or Democratic philosophies), support deregulation, or not regulating products, or inadequately regulating the safety of products, to increase corporate profits, and have been failing the health and safety of the American public for decades, by failing to consider how dangerous modern, high-tech products (created abnormally in labs or in production facilities) are to human health.

Decades ago, conventional products ( those without high-tech electronics or genetic or molecular manipulations), up to and including pharmaceutical drugs, were never anywhere near as hazardous to human biology as their modern, high-tech replacements. And the public’s health was also never as bad as it’s become with the switch to high-tech alternatives, accompanied by inadequate, to non-existent, products safety regulations.

While in addition, free market policies destabilize the general economy by taking away jobs nationally. Because these economic policies are designed to supply continually rising profits for corporations and Wall Street investors— no matter how unrealistic this becomes, or to what extent this is achieved at the expense of the public’s safety and/or security.

To achieve this end— without unduly upsetting the public that is being steadily undermined by it— modern free market policies are promoted as “progressive” global agendas, to allegedly help the world— to cover for the damages they actually reap on local and national economies.

And, as expected, the only ones that are profiting from these “global” economic agendas are multinational corporations and their Wall Street investors. Along with those that benefit from the corporate/symbiotic relationship, including politicians and the U.S. media, who are both bankrolled by corporate funding.

Increasing corporate profits means decreasing public economic stability, and health

The way to make continually increasing corporate profits, at a time when the development of civilization has reached a saturation point in product needs— beyond reducing safety regulation costs surrounding products— is to falsely remove perfectly functioning products from the market and replace them with costlier alternatives. Now “justifying” the switch with fraudulent energy-saving arguments (and usually replacing products that are safer and lower tech, like standard incandescent light bulbs).

When in reality, the energy costs to create high-tech replacement products are far higher than their low-tech originals. And as a result, their increasing replacement is not reducing global warming, but increasing it.

See also: FRAUD: Regular light bulbs CAUSE global warming (CFLs PREVENT IT) part 1 at:

High-tech products require huge outlays of electrical energy to create the computer chips required for them to function and their accompanying, complex, electrical circuitries. And the switch to high-tech electronics and product miniaturization has actually been causing the greatest surge in global warming over the past few decades— a pattern that only began in earnest around the 1980s, with, coincidentally, the mass introduction of computer production and its huge requirement of electrical energy. And the trend has only escalated ever since.

Another way to continually increase corporate profits is to increase the cost of products.

And not just the cost of new products, but the costs of replacement parts to fix new products, which often cost nearly as much as the original products themselves---- making a mockery of the "advantages" of newer, high-tech products, which break far quicker than their older model replacements, and cost far more to fix.

Added to this price gouging strain on the public, older product replacements parts are either removed from the market, or their prices are criminally raised four and five times the original price a decade ago. Making fixing older products, from appliances to cars, financially overwhelming, if even possible. With the obvious intent to force consumers to buy newer, less efficient, and more expensive high-tech alternatives.

Another way to increase corporate profits is to reduce the cost of production by using cheaper labor around the world, under the fraud of promoting this as so-called global beneficial expansion.

Or to reduce the cost of production nationally, by allowing monopolies to take over and reduce the numbers of employees and the cost of competition to corporate profit margins.

And while corporate monopolies argue that monopolies reduce the cost of products for consumers. Like Whole Foods, the cost of products only continue to rise to satisfy whatever particular brand of corporate greed is involved.

None of these options help the public. They all burden the public’s economic or health security. And corporations know this. And so does every member of the U.S. Congress.

“Solutions” that only feed into the original problem

And as jobs and job opportunities inevitably disappear, as duly predicted by modern free market objectives to satisfy continually rising corporate profit expectations, President Obama, in his 2014 State of the Union Address— an avid supporter of free market economic theory as he has enthused on multiple occasions, and “proudly” reported upon, and showcased in, a cover article in the March 22, 2009 Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, “Obamanomics, The education of a president, the Chicago School way”— registers apparent shock and dismay at the toll being taken on the U.S. public’s economic security. (The Chicago Tribune piece is mysteriously no longer available on the internet, but you can always view it the old fashioned way, on microfilm at your local library.)

One of Obama’s apparent solutions for Americans feeling the economic brunt of free market agendas ( also mentioned in his 2014 State of the Union address) is that they be given the opportunity to form their own “myRAs” (“my retirement” savings accounts). With these “government backed” myRA investments to be made in “relatively stable” stocks and bonds. And with no mention or concern about the character of these investments. Just investments.

When it is the kind of investment that is critically important.

The greatest gains now being made on Wall Street are in pharmaceutical and high-tech stocks, which also happen to be the two major industries whose products are causing the most health hazards to the American public.

So if you’re going to encourage the public to just generally invest in Wall Street, and inevitably invest in the industries that are feeding the market with products that undermine the public’s health the most, it is patently absurd, at the same time, to allegedly be shocked that the public’s health is also failing, from the very products and industries you are encouraging the public to invest in.

And then it is criminally incompetent to suggest a band-aid solution to solve the corporate/investment created health problem— more healthcare insurance— which will do absolutely nothing to reign in the increasing damages to the public’s health, or the continually rising healthcare costs trying to cover the continually rising health problems.

Apparently lost on Barak Obama is that you can’t make ardent speeches out of one side of your mouth as to the need for jobs that are disappearing, permanently, and support free market global agendas out of the other side of your mouth, which creates the jobless problem in the first place.

To say nothing of the economic hardships being compounded by the U.S. public’s plummeting health, and the accompanying increasing health costs— as a direct result of the free market, criminally irresponsible, corporate beneficial policies, which Barack Obama continues to enthuse about when convenient, and dissociate himself from when inconvenient.

High-tech products, the cornerstone of modern free market corporate profits, are steadily eroding the public’s health

As for puncturing the free market-promoted myth as to the alleged, “unimpeachable” benefits of high-tech products— what free market economic theory and its policies refuse to admit is the fundamental fact that high-tech products, from genetically modified foods and drugs to a vast range of electronic products emitting a wide range of manmade electromagnetic radiation (EMR), are completely abnormal to human biology.

And that their adverse impacts begin “silently” at the molecular and cellular levels, and progressively work their way up to the organ system levels, where they finally manifest themselves as “recognizable” disease conditions.

A situation that allows those that promote these innately hazardous products to play dumb and act like they have no idea how cancers or autism or Alzheimer’s could have developed in individuals being chronically exposed to their products.

This is the real and major impact on Americans’ poor health today, not a lack of healthcare coverage.

And up to this point, the great majority of the public are placidly accepting free market, deregulated, economic policies— which place unchecked corporate profits (regulations cost money) as priorities over protecting the public’s health and security— as so-called, inevitable, economic principles of the American system, regardless of their actual validity, and in spite of the damages they are increasingly incurring on the stability of the American society.

In addition, these modern free market economic policies— that were originally designed by the Chicago University (“Chicago School way”) economist, Milton Friedman, in the 1970s, with subsequent derivative variations ever since— are being ludicrously encouraged as, supposedly, inalterable as the U.S. Constitution, which also never took into account (could never have taken into account) the broad and adverse impacts that modern high technology would have on the safety and security of the U.S. public.

The simple truism lost among the over-educated economists— under-educated in basic biology— is that all technology is manmade. And subsequently it is all potentially abnormal to the correct functioning of human biology, and all adversely affects human health to some degree.

And to court and encourage a modern economic system, which is now virtually, and totally dependent on high technology— the most abnormal to human biology to date— and not bother to properly regulate these products for safety, is to court and encourage the resulting abnormal disease conditions they create, and which are now being seen in unprecedented numbers in the society.

But if the public is content to go along with the current economic “program,” then the public had also better be content on becoming even sicker than it already is. And that means more cancers for adults and children, more fetal abnormalities, like autism, more chronic disease conditions like diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, and a wide range of increasing neurological problems, up to an including, Alzheimer’s. And no amount of healthcare insurance is going to reverse this trend.

The damage begins unnoticed, at the cellular level, allowing corporate disbelief or denial of its involvement

Virtually all of the major disease conditions currently impacting U.S. citizens (despite the fraudulent assurances to the contrary by the American Medical Association, that would like you to believe that they are just better at identifying them, so they only “seem” to be on the rise) are caused by the body being progressively overwhelmed at the cellular and organ system levels by the chronic introduction and exposure to hazardous, unregulated for safety, manmade, and ABNORMAL, products in the form of foods, pharmaceutical drugs, chemical pollutants, and water or air sources.

The latter air sources being introduced, either in the form of air pollution, or in the form of the single, greatest adverse impact on human health over the past several decades— the ever increasing, steady barrage, of manmade— and completely abnormal to human biology— electromagnetic radiation (EMR) fields being emitted from computers, cell phones, wireless products, and the wireless antenna systems supporting them, from cell towers to the Wi-Fi microwave antenna systems increasingly being installed in homes and businesses and in community settings. And which are being criminally irresponsibly unrecognized as a health problem by corporate America, and all those connected to its financial influence.

All of these electronic products emit EMR fields that can readily penetrate skin, fat, muscle and bone of the American public, and all of which are being allowed to do so without any safety regulations that take into account the thousands of research studies that have continually shown the associated health hazards from chronic exposure to these EMR emitting products— beginning, conservatively, since the 1960s.

What is being criminally ignored— by the U.S. government, via its health regulatory agencies such as the FDA and EPA, the U.S. healthcare system, the U.S. media, and the U.S. “public service” environmental groups— is that manmade electromagnetic radiation frequencies have the capacity to penetrate the human body, its organs and cells, and alter the innate, minute, and incredibly sensitive, electric fields that surround all atoms and molecules— which are required for molecules, and their associated chemical reactions, to function correctly.

And that every molecule on the planet, from plant life to animal life, has only been designed to recognize, and respond correctly to, the two natural electromagnetic radiation sources that have been around since the start of evolution— sunlight and the magnetic field than emanates from the earth’s core and surrounds the earth and extends several hundred miles into space.

All other manmade electromagnetic radiation is considered to be a foreign entity by the body, and is not correctly recognized as normal at the molecular level. And, as a result, can adversely impact any chemical reaction in the body whose molecules are chronically exposed to this abnormal, penetrating, electromagnetic radiation.

And the potentially affected chemical reactions impacted by chronic exposure to manmade EMR sources have the potential to impact all aspects of cell biology, up to an including the cell’s DNA and gene expressions, which when altered leads to the increased chance of cell mutations, the forerunners of cancer development.

And this hazard is only compounded by the manmade EMR also being capable of suppressing the immune system and its associated cells (whose composition of molecules and associated electrical fields are no different than any other type of cell in the body), and which were also only designed over the course of evolution to defend against recognizable toxins, such as bacteria and viruses, or to neutralize naturally-derived cell mutations that occur by chance during the course of cell activity.

The body’s immune system was never designed to recognize and neutralize manmade EMR, and is subsequently defenseless against this chronic assault on the body.

How manmade EMR impacts the electrical fields of molecules caught in its path

When manmade EMR penetrates the human body, it has the capacity to adversely impact the atomic and molecular electrical fields it passes through— which, in turn, has the capacity to adversely impact any chemical reactions that are dependent upon the molecules affected.

The longstanding fraud perpetrated by the electrical and computer and telecom industries over the past several decades— to discount the growing adverse effects of manmade EMR on human biology— is to falsely claim that the incoming manmade EMR is not strong enough to break chemical bonds, like highly energized X-ray radiation, and as a result, no damage is incurred as a result of its exposure.

The reality is that chemical bonds don’t need to be broken for the adverse EMR-caused effects to take place at the molecular and cellular level. They only have to be chronically altered, and disturbed, to begin to create abnormal chemical reactions and products, which will then begin to interfere with, and eventually overwhelm, normal cell functions.

When the body’s molecules are caught in the path of incoming manmade EMR frequencies, and are chronically interfered with, day in and day out, their associated chemical reactions— which depend on the correct behavior of the innate electrical fields of the molecules that compose them— are also altered— abnormally slowed down or sped up— leading to altered chemical products, and progressive imbalances throughout the cell. And this is how disease conditions begin.

And this potential problem can adversely affect every aspect of the cell, from the cell membrane that controls what molecules enter and exit the cell, up to the DNA within the cell’s nucleus.

Affecting the DNA

At the DNA level, very weak, minute electrical field attractions of hydrogen atoms hold the DNA strands together— not by bonds, but by weak electrical attractions— and thus protect segments of genes on the DNA from exposure, and possible alteration and mutation.

And these very weak H+ electrical attractions can be adversely impacted (weakened) by incoming manmade electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, etc. that readily penetrate the cell as they enter the body.

And by disrupting the electrical fields of the H+ atoms, the incoming manmade EMR can cause the DNA strands to abnormally separate from one another— in sections along the DNA— abnormally exposing gene segments on the DNA and leading to the abnormal production of proteins (what gene segments code for and produce). And that abnormal process can start the cell down the path to eventual cell mutation, the forerunner of tumor development.

See molecular electric field effects in the longstanding research work of Columbia University researchers, Reba Goodman and Martin Blank, such as: “Electromagnetic Fields: Biological Transduction Mechanisms” at: and: “A Mechanism for Stimulation of Biosynthesis by Electromagnetic Fields: Charge Transfer in DNA and Base Pair Separation” at:

And in addition to directly affecting DNA strands, incoming manmade EMR has long been shown to elicit “stress” protein responses in cells— protein production that occurs when the cell is under stress or attack, and which creates a variety of adverse effects in cells, up to the dissociation of the nucleus and cell death.

In addition to the works of Reba Goodman and Martin Blank on this subject, also see the works of Dariusz Leszczynski of the STUK-Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Helsinki, Finland, such as: EFFECT OF GSM MOBILE PHONE RADIATION ON BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER” at:

While in addition to abnormally altering DNA and protein stability directly, chronic, penetrating manmade EMR into the cell and its nucleus has also been shown to disable specific protective enzymes in the cell’s nucleus that were designed over the course of evolution to protect and repair the DNA during the normal course of chance mutations that occur. And with the DNA repair mechanism compromised, the chance of DNA mutations— by chance, or as a result of incoming manmade EMR exposure, or pharmaceutical drug exposure, or chemical exposure— only increases.

See the research work in this area by Henry Lai and N.P Singh of the University of Washington, such as: Electromagnetic fields and DNA damage” at:

Affecting the mitochondria

The abnormal displacement of H+ charge attractions can also adversely impact the cell’s mitochrondria— critical cell structures outside the nucleus of the cell which are dependent on controlled electron transport reactions of H+ atoms within their complex of membranes to produce the proper amounts of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules that are required as critical chemical energy molecules in nearly all cell reactions.

And one of the adverse effects on mitochondrial production of ATP— from chronic incoming manmade EMR from cell phones, computers and wireless devices— is that it can eventually have a direct effect in creating abnormal muscle contractions, leading to the muscle pain symptoms of fibromyalgia— to take just one example of a molecular-level disruption leading to a recognizable disease condition.

For more on the likely manmade EMR creation of fibromyalgia, which only became a recognizable and reported disease condition around the 1980s, with the mass introduction of computers, and which has been increasing ever since, directly paralleling the continual increase of manmade EMR exposure sources in the near environment of the public, see the section on fibromyalgia in: “Product safety regulations could cut health costs by $1 TRILLION per year, Pt 1” at:

Ignoring manmade EMR adverse effects and encouraging more use for more profits

Incredibly, this highly significant adverse impact of manmade EMR sources being released unchecked into the environment is blithely ignored in the U.S. And not only by economist and lawyers and the media who haven’t a clue about what is going on in the human body, but also by a great majority of the county’s scientists and doctors, who keep quiet to protect the corporations that pay their salaries or fund their research.

Put plain and simple, non-regulated for safety, high-tech electronic electromagnetic radiation exposure is allowed by Washington and the country’s corporate backed media for the high-tech profits in the hundreds of $billions it generates, without one iota of concern for the adverse health effects its chronic exposure is having on the public.

Not only is this condoned reckless endangerment of the U.S. population, if anyone is paying attention, but it is also creating perhaps the most significant adverse impact on the U.S. public’s health. And causing the U.S. public to have the worst health of any other developed nation in the world— not the result of a lack of healthcare insurance.

Meanwhile, Barak Obama, who has completely ignored this significant adverse impact of manmade EMR exposure on the U.S. public’s health, also enthused in his 2014 State of the Union Address to support more wireless Wi-Fi connections in schools, to selectively help the high-tech industry.

Apparently Mr. Obama and his team of advisers never got the international memo on the hazards of Wi-Fi microwave radiation exposure, which has only been around for the past five or six years.

Countries like France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Israel, Austria and Australia have been lining up to ban Wi-Fi wireless microwave connections in schools and in homes because of the acknowledged, multiple, health hazards documented by international studies, not bought off by corporate America, which continue to document the health hazards of the low-level microwave radiation being emitted from Wi-Fi and cell phones and other related wireless devises.

Lawyers who know nothing about biology or medicine decide healthcare objectives

But since we have lawyers deciding healthcare issues in the United States, who haven’t a clue about how biology works, let alone how diseases develop, it is not surprising that the policies that evolve from their constructed laws are wholly inadequate, and wholly off target, in addressing the real issues that cause ill health, and the resulting, exponentially rising, healthcare costs to cover them.

According to the lawyer point of view, it is okay to alter virtually your entire economy to be almost exclusively dependent on high technology. Not to sustain your country’s work force, but to sustain the profit expectations of corporate CEOs and Wall Street investors— with technological products from cell phones and pharmaceutical drugs, to genetic modified or molecule modified (nanotechnology) products, which are now the most hazardous to human biology.

Then it is okay to choose to suppress the hazards of these products and not properly regulate them for safety. And afterwards, react with apparent shock when the inevitable health repercussions begin to escalate among the public using these products, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, along with the accompanying multi-trillion dollar-a-year healthcare costs.

So what do you do to solve the problem? Do you attack the problem at the source? Regulate products for safety to avoid $trillions per year in healthcare costs and millions of preventable injuries and disease and deaths? And begin to lay down a new 21st century foundation for actual, real, health and economic sustainability? Of course not. You can’t make any money that way. You could only save money and lives. The way you do it is you avoid solving the problem. And capitalize on the problem.

You give the people (force the people to buy) more healthcare coverage— while waiting for them to inevitably get sick from a system that is all but guaranteeing them to get sick.

And the healthcare you offer is predominately prescription drug therapy, which will kill, maim or seriously injure millions more a year, and increase healthcare costs to even greater heights.

So in other words, you tell the U.S. public you are working hard to protect their health, but in reality, your intent is to keep the present economic system that prioritizes corporate profits over public safety intact. Otherwise, the “precious” U.S. pharmaceutical industry would collapse and Wall Street would lose $billions a year in profits off the public’s ill health. And the politicians/lawyers would lose a significant percentage of their corporate campaign funding.

So you allow the public to continue to get sick, and distract them from the causes by dangling in front of them fantasy solutions of how developing high-tech drugs, that are just around the corner, are going to magically cure cancers and Alzheimer’s and other disease conditions, overwhelmingly created by the continual onslaught of unregulated hazardous industry products into the market, and in many cases by the very pharmaceutical drugs designed to treat the conditions.

The Pharmaceutical Drug Therapy Fraud

In case the public has forgotten, or was never aware of the fact, U.S. citizens consume ONE HALF of all the prescription drugs sold in the world, giving the U.S. pharmaceutical industry $300 billion in annual profits. Thanks in great part to the Clinton/Gore free market policy passed in the early 1990s which deregulated pharmaceutical advertising, so that the pharmaceutical industry could advertised “direct to consumers” on television— never before allowed up until that time, and not allowed in any other developed country, except New Zealand.

And what does the U.S. public get in return from such zealous, “patriotic” support of pharmaceutical drug use? Over 120,000 deaths per year and 2 to 4 million seriously injured per year from correctly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

That is over 4 times more deaths per year than caused by guns in the U.S.— a product which is designed to kill people— and over 2 times the number of American soldiers killed in Vietnam from 1955 to 1975, and over 17 times the number of America soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001 to the present.

Ever listen to, or read closely, pharmaceutical advertising? Virtually every single advertised pharmaceutical drug admits that its drugs increase the risk for developing cancer among its users, in addition to a vast array of other, abnormal, and serious, disease conditions.

But the American public has apparently come to believe that cancers and other chronic disease conditions, which never existed before the past several decades in anywhere near the numbers they now exist, are normal, when this could not be further from the truth. And that pharmaceutical drugs actually cure people in most cases, when this could not be further from the truth.

Here’s a few examples to consider.

Chemotherapy drugs are designed to adversely manipulate the DNA of cells (not just fast dividing cancer cells, but all cells that are continually dividing, like bone, blood (red blood cells and white blood cells-- immune system cells), and GI tract and hair follicle cells) and actually cause multiple types of cancers in patients treated with these highly toxic drugs. And it is usually these chemotherapy-created cancers that end of killing the patient with cancers that are usually far more aggressive and damaging than the original slow growing cancer that they were designed to “treat.”

See also the How chemotherapy drugs work section in: “Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Misuse: fatal intestine infections, and more, Part 1” at:

Alzheimer’s conditions are treated with drugs that actually worsen Alzheimer’s conditions, in addition to creating serious and potentially fatal side effects. While the risk of initiation of Alzheimer’s is vastly increased by chronic exposure to manmade EMR which loosens an already compromised blood-barrier problem in the elderly, and allows abnormal proteins to enter the nerve environment of the brain, disrupting nerve function.

While major surgery in the elderly— from dental to joint replacement— produces, like in everyone else, a very high immune response during recovery. And part of that immune response is the production of elevated levels of immune system-generated proteins that can pass into the brain and initiate Alzheimer’s.

And not only are cell phone and wireless devises encouraged among the elderly, placing their brains at increased risk, but the elderly are encouraged to have unnecessary, elective, major surgery, which also places them at increased risks for Alzheimer’s.

See also the Alzheimer’s section in: “Product safety regulations could cut health costs by $1 TRILLION per year, Pt 1” at: .

Meanwhile, the U.S. healthcare industry now suggests that the vast increase in Alzheimer’s is created by the gluten protein in wheat, despite the fact that cultures have been eating wheat products for well over two thousand years, with no increased risk for Alzheimer’s. The real problem in Alzheimer’s begins with the abnormal loosening of the blood brain barrier, which is directly caused by increased exposure to manmade EMR sources.

And to corroborate the absurdity that gluten in wheat does not cause Alzheimer’s on its own, take the small town of Compodimele, about 75 miles north of Rome, Italy. Of 850 residents, 10 are over 100, 50 are more than 90, and scores are over 80. The local hospital closed because none of the residents sought medical treatment for 10 years. And what do these Italians eat? Homemade wheat bread grilled with olive oil, and homemade spaghetti, among a variety of vegetables and seafood, And there are no documented cases of Alzheimer’s, or any other serious diseases like cancer among the residents.

So much for the lauded American healthcare system protocol forced down the American public’s throat by Obamacare. What these long living and completely healthy Italians are not exposed to are manmade electromagnetic radiation sources from cell phones and computers, pharmaceutical drugs or chemicals, drug residues or genetic modified foods and accompanying tainted water supplies, which is the norm among the vast majority of American citizens.

As for autism, it is has been known for decades that autism is caused by exposure to anti-depressant and anti-spasmodic (morning sickness) drugs, and manmade EMR impacting the fetus of the pregnant mother. All of which adversely alter incredibly sensitive nerve signaling between fast differentiating embryonic cells, and if impacted in the early weeks of pregnancy can permanently alter correct brain anatomy development in the newborn— the actual cause of autism, and not the result of what occurs at the moment of, or after, birth, as fraudulently claimed by the U.S. healthcare industry.

Autism is the result of absent nerve clusters in the brain that can only be absent because they did not develop during fetal development. And autism has been allowed to reach criminally outrageous epidemic numbers due to the suppression of information surrounding the industry product hazard impacting this devastating neurological condition, and whose rise has directly paralleled the rise of manmade EMR exposure in the environment.

See also the autism section in: “Product safety regulations could cut health costs by $1 TRILLION per year, Pt 1” at: .

All of these extremely serious disease conditions are nearly completely preventable. But the U.S. health industry would like you to believe that they are simply the inevitable result of faulty innate genetics. This is flat out, rank, disinformation that only continues to protect the industries and products that are causing these disease conditions and making a fortune, while the U.S. public’s health pays the price.

And while genetics are eventually involved in disease processes— since cells are altered— in virtually all diseases that develop after early childhood, the problem does not begin as a result of heredity, at some predetermined time within the cell’s DNA, as suggested by the U.S. healthcare industry, but rather begins outside the cell, as a result of a variety of incoming manmade, and unregulated for safety, product hazards, which eventually adversely impact the cell’s DNA.

In the face of such widespread disinformation, the public’s ignorance of the facts is only compounded by outrageous legal action.

In 2012 Barak Obama signed an Executive Order directive to decrease regulatory oversight of drugs by the FDA. So that drugs could be more quickly released into the market, with less safety oversight, siding with market (Wall Street) concerns over public safety. While at the same time bemoaning the increasing and ongoing decline of the American public’s health, and insisting on its apparent solution— the need for increased healthcare coverage to improve it, along with more pharmaceutical treatments.

Meanwhile, and recently published in the British Medical Journal in December of 2013, Oxford University researchers came to the common sense conclusion that eating an apple a day was more beneficial in lowering cholesterol than using statin drugs, like Crestor, Lipitor and Zocor— without any of the multiple, serious and deadly potential side effects. Drugs that adversely affect liver function, and which the pharmaceutical industry has conned around 10 percent of the U.S. population— around 30 million — into needlessly taking to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, to allegedly reduce the formation of plaques in blood vessels leading to heart attacks.

What the vast majority of those taking these drugs apparently don’t understand is that cholesterol is created by the body, in the liver, and is an absolutely critical molecule required in every cell membrane in the body to regulate the passage of molecules into and out of the cell, to speak nothing of its essential function in steroid hormone production, and maintaining correct levels of these critically important hormones in the body.

What you don’t want to do is abnormally interfere with this or any other complex regulatory system within the body that was designed over the course of evolution to keep the body healthy. Yet this is exactly what all pharmaceutical drugs do within the body, and why they create such widespread hazards in those that use them.

But no one from the U.S. healthcare system is in any hurry to advocate simple, common sense prevention measures, because they can’t capitalize a dime on them. Even though such prevention measures would only save the U.S. public about a $trillion or so a year in healthcare costs.

The pharmaceutical industry profits for statin-“cholesterol lowering drugs” sold to U.S. consumers is about $20 billion a year. While worldwide sales are around $30 billion a year.

So Americans can take pride in consuming two thirds of all statin drugs sold in the world— drugs which are now the center of multiple class action lawsuits for the wrongful injury damages they create in those taking the drugs.

It used to be considered a patriotic act to serve your country to protect it, and potentially die for that act. Now, after decades and $billions spent in public relations and advertising campaigns, it has apparently become the patriotic duty for the American public to sacrifice its lives to buy products to sustain the lofty patriotic goal of sustaining corporate greed.

While advertisers, who gladly capitalize on this fraud for their corporate benefactors, laugh all the way to the bank, marveling at how easy it is to manipulate the U.S. public into buying products they themselves would never be caught dead using.

Change the way products are regulated or continue to get needlessly sick

The U.S. public could have the most extensive healthcare coverage on the planet and it would still have the worst health in the world. Because nothing is being done to stop the unchecked, and unregulated, barrage of hazardous industry high-tech products being dumped into the market and the environment to sustain a U.S. economic plan that is all but guaranteeing the public to get sick.

And what is ultimately at the bottom of this, is a criminal allegiance to a no-longer, even nominally, valid modern free market economic theory, which allows the dumping of corporate products, unregulated for safety, into the market for corporate profits, regardless of their potential hazards. Under the same moronic justification that gun manufacturers dump millions of guns into the market and then are apparently amazed when the guns are used to kill people.

The present Obamacare “health” plan does absolutely nothing to address the cause of sickness, so it can do nothing to reduce sickness among the public, or the accompanying healthcare costs, which it was allegedly designed to address.

The reality is that America’s leaders— Senators and Representatives, the majority of whom are millionaires— have no interest in solving the country’s healthcare problems. They are only interested in capitalizing on them. And that is not the same thing. And this amounts to nothing short of criminally irresponsible behavior of a government. While the ultimate losers of this “free market” economic plan are the U.S. public, who, despite being on the receiving end of the damages, for some bizarre reason keep voting in the same representatives who keep destroying their lives.

Here’s just a glimpse of one example of the future of America’s health on a direct collision course with free market-encouraged product safety deregulation, and completely ignored by Obamacare.

Today, six of ten, or 56% of children aged 8 to 12 own cell phones. While 85% of teenagers, 14-17, own cell phones. Twice as many children own cell phones today, as did in 2004.

And daily, cell phone companies are encouraging more cell phone and wireless device use among children and adults— disregarding decades of documented health hazards linking low-level, microwave radiation emitted from cell phone and wireless devices and their antenna systems to a vast range of cancers, fetal abnormalities and neurological disorders.

AT&T’s ad slogan is “bigger is better” to encourage 5 and 6 year olds to make a game out of cell phone and wireless WiFi microwave radiation coverage, prepping them for owning their own cell phones and wireless devices in a couple of years.

NetZero promotes the creation of personal, transportable, “hot spots,” where individuals can experience the “privilege” of concentrated Wi-Fi, broadband, microwave radiation exposure to run their computers and other wireless devices.

“Coverage is Beautiful” or “Coverage is a Beautiful Thing” are the AT&T ad lines showcasing commercials that pretend that microwave radiation coverage is akin to covering the community landscape with a bounty of pretty flowers.

A few years ago T-Mobile boasted “35,000 and counting” to encourage the ever more building of microwave cell towers and antenna systems to cover the U.S. landscape. Now in 2014, that number has risen to 50,000, as proudly boasted by T-Mobile in its latest ad campaign.

Not to be outdone, AT&T claims that its microwave wireless antenna networks cover 2,000 more cities with 24 hour microwave radiation coverage than its rival Verizon.

While Verizon counters with ads showing virtually the entire United States covered by wireless microwave radiation coverage that consists of “5 times more 3G coverage than AT&T.”

3G refers to broadband microwave radiation in the 3 billion hertz range, while Wi-Fi is around the 2.5 billion hertz— both completely absent in the natural EMR environment that human cells, and the atomic and molecular fields they are composed of, were designed to recognize and respond correctly to.

All this cell tower construction has been allowed as a result of the Telecommunication Act of 1996— itself the result of tens of millions of lobbying payouts by the cell phone industry influencing U.S. Congressmen and women, who enthusiastically passed the bill during the heart of the Clinton and Gore administration.

This telecommunication deregulation legislation allowed the construction of microwave emitting cell towers anywhere, in any U.S. community, without limits on the nearness of the tower or antenna system to homes, schools, or businesses.

An “act of law” that was specifically worded to not allow the challenge of such construction or installation based on health risks. While pointedly disregarding all preceding, and ongoing, scientific research evidence from around the world over the past decades that have shown, and continue to show, the vulnerability of the brain, thyroid, the eyes, the ears, the skin, the breast, etc. to cell phone and wireless, low-level, non-thermal, chronic, microwave radiation exposure— of the very same kind being emitted by these towers and antenna systems 24 hours a day.

The result of such blatant, criminally irresponsible deregulation “laws,” and by the endless barrage of daily telecom advertisements— beyond adversely impacting the health of nearly the entire adult population— is exposing an entire generation of kids to completely abnormal microwave radiation frequencies, and will be saddling them with a staggering array of completely unnecessary health problems by the time they reach 30. If they even do reach 30.

Until the present, corrupted, U.S. health regulatory system is changed— where the healthcare problem begins— which determines how the FDA and EPA manage regulations (which can be done, but not until it is forced to be done), and which currently allows blatant corporate and political corruption of its regulators to suppress accurate safety hazards of U.S. products, the U.S. public’s health will continue to plummet, and healthcare costs will continue to soar. It is as simple as that.

For an overview of the fraud behind the policies of Obamacare, which will only continue to increase the public’s failing health, no matter how much healthcare insurance coverage they have, or are forced to have, to support the current, corrupted product deregulated system that is all but guaranteeing the public getting sick, while additionally adding a criminally irresponsible economic strain on those that are already struggling economically, while promoting ZERO incentive, in the form of significant rebates, to encourage the public to adopt healthier lifestyles to PREVENT becoming sick, see also the two part series:

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And for a list, and a breakdown, and an explanation, of some of the major, and nearly all preventable, health conditions currently impacting the U.S. public, which now has the worst health of ALL developed nations— in great part due to its ignorant and rabid support of “free market” product safety deregulations to promote the highest and most immediate corporate and Wall Street profits—see the 2 part series:

“Product safety regulations could cut health costs by $1 TRILLION per year, Pt 1” at: , covers: cancer, fibromyalgia, autism and Alzheimer’s, other preventable conditions.

“Product safety regulations could cut health costs by $1 TRILLION per year, Pt 2” at: , covers: elective joint replacement surgery— now costing consumers over $500 billion a year, along with costs of additional adverse side effects of this kind of unnecessary surgery, Crohn’s disease, caused by antibiotic-laced U.S. milk products, other preventable disease conditions.

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