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Obamacare deadline extended again: Called sign of Dems' desperation over law

Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, enrollment is being extended yet again. The latest Obamacare extension is for people who allegedly want to enroll but haven’t yet. Quite incredibly, all a person has to do is say that he or she was unable to enroll due to the website's glitches – and he or she is allowed to enroll past the March 31, 2014, deadline due to the actions of the Obama administration this week, according to Fox News on Tuesday.

Obamacare deadline extended again

Even though the Obama administration claims everything is now working on the website – which failed when the enrollment period began last October – and even though the White House claims that it is pleased with the number of persons who have enrolled, it is now giving people the option of enrolling past the March 31, 2014 deadline for approximately two weeks.

The penalty for not enrolling, of course, is 1 percent of one’s income. Yet many have had sticker shock when they go online and see the cost of their health care under Obamacare. Apparently, many are choosing to simply pay the penalty rather than invest in the high-priced insurance policies.

While Supreme Court Justice John Roberts made the decision to let Obamacare be legal by calling the penalty a tax on Americans who do not enroll in the health care program, President Obama insists that the penalty is not a tax. That is just one of many incomprehensible happenings since Obamacare was given birth by the president and his Democratic party years ago.

Critics say that this last extension of the enrollment period indicates just how disastrous Obamacare has become, politically, for the Obama administration, the White House in general, and the Democrats in Washington, D.C. who have supported the law for four years now – in spite of 56 percent of Americans still not wanting the law to exist.

Basically, the persons who claim they didn’t have time to complete the process by next Monday – the last deadline that was issued before the new deadline given this week – only have to say they promise to enroll.

According to a Washington Post report, users will now have an option of checking a box on the website telling the government that they tried to enroll before the deadline. However, there is no measure to tell if the person actually did attempt to sign up before the deadline. The move is being called quite desperately unbelievable.

Politicians and pundits, including Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is calling the new extension for enrollment of Obamacare nothing more than another delay for a “failed health care law.” Priebus said, “Another day, another Obamacare delay from the same Obama administration that won’t work with Republicans to help Americans suffering from the unintended consequences of the Democrats’ failed health care law. Democrats in leadership may say they are doubling down on Obamacare but you have to wonder how many more unilateral delays their candidates running in 2014 can withstand.”

Many believe that the bottom line is the inevitability that Democrats are going to lose big in 2014’s midterm elections due to Obamacare and all the frustrations Americans have had with the new law. The result will be a Republican Congress with President Obama for his last two years in office.

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