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Obamacare coverage mandates alone enough to wreck health care

Humpty Dumpty

Delays in employer and individual mandates, expanded grandfather clauses for pre-Affordable-Care-Act policies and a broad hardship exemption from the individual mandate-tax has some conservatives wondering if Obamacare will ever actually be implemented. But, as this column hasargued since 2009, the insurance coverage mandates alone, which have been implemented, are enough to destroy the private health care industry and substantially degrade the quality of health care in America even for those "covered" by private policies, Medicaid and Medicare.

Even if insurance companies survive, the coverage mandates make the inevitably higher premium payments essentially akin to taxes paid into the black hole of government, whether we never have an outright single-government-run-payer system or not. Obamacare regulations today, including Medicaid's, and baby-boomer-burdened Medicare are already accelerating the doctor shortage trend that the latter two programs had already initiated over a decade ago. Fewer doctors and hospitals equals higher costs, longer waiting times and inevitable rationing by the same government "experts" that sold Obamacare with lies in the first place, i.e. Democrats all.

Having the "right" to buy a policy identical to the one that the ACA forced to be cancelled last year means nothing if an insurance company can no longer afford to offer it. Hence the near irrelevance of the individual and employer mandate delays. All of King Obama's Democrat-horses and men can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Take no solace in the delays except to inspire you to be optimistic that Obamacare can be repealed after electoral rejection of the Democrats that imposed it and other job killing measures upon us in the first place. Given the anemic so-called recovery wrought under Obamanomics we couldn't afford Obamacare even if it "worked", and we wouldn't want to afford it even with a robust recovery as it would drain ever higher portions of our income that would not be available for other necessities and desires.

We could spend every dollar we have on health care and not be healthier if we let government bureaucrats, rather than a freer market controlled by individuals, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, obtain.

Obamacare must be repealed, not merely "fixed". Refer to Humpty Dumpty and vote Republican.

"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

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