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Obamacare could meet original sign-up goal


Obamacare could meet its original sign-up goal of 7 million people due to the surge in sign-ups occurring via the open enrollment online and by phone on the soft end date - of March 31 - of the program’s enrollment period, according to a CNN report on Tuesday morning.

Obamacare: The Number of Sign-Ups Doesn’t Make It a Success

Reportedly, there were more than 4.8 million visits made to – the federal government’s website for the new health care law’s program. Additionally, 2 million calls were made to the call center as well. However, the Obama administration has not received final numbers from the federal and individual state exchanges as of yet.

Even on the final day, however, there were problems for website visitors as there was a software bug during the day at the governmental portal for visitors. Some visitors, early in the day, were getting a message which said the system wasn’t available at the moment and that maintenance was being performed on the website.

It is not known how many persons are paying into the system in order to make it a financial success. Additionally, data will not be known regarding the financial success of the program until paying-into-the-program persons who have signed up actually start meeting their financial obligations to the program by keeping current in their bill payments.

The Obama administration still says that there is extra time for persons who could not sign-up yet due to technical glitches – though how one proves that he or she tried to sign-up previously has not been stated.