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Obamacare: Contractor pays employees for doing absolutely nothing

Obamacare is related to government-spending waste
Obamacare is related to government-spending waste

Serco Inc., a United Kingdom-based firm, has a $1.2 billion contract with the United States federal government, and according to workers who are employed by the firm, they do nothing but sit at their computers all week. They are advised to refresh their computer screen once every ten minutes. That is it, according to a Yahoo! News report on Tuesday.

There was concern over Serco Inc. getting a government contract at the time. The reason for the concern is that the firm was being investigated for overbilling the British government some tens of millions of pounds last summer. Yet, the United States federal government hired the company to assist with Obamacare. Even though the company managed to get through a year of contractual work, they are now being noticed. Unfortunately, the company is not being noticed for anything of value it has done, but has been noticed as questions are raised regarding the validity of its work.

According to a KMOV, St. Louis television, investigative report, taxpayers’ money is being used to pay Serco for allegedly processing Obamacare applications. Without applications to be processed, obviously, the workers have nothing to do. One employee told the news-reporting station that there are some weeks that an employee hired to do data entry would not process any applications – not one.

The reason Serco is reportedly holding on to workers that are not needed – and even hiring more unneeded workers – is because the company gets paid per worker. It is not paid by the number of applications that are processed by the employees at the company. Yet, the Obama administration – as one would assume – defends the company and its work for Obamacare – the Affordable Care Act.

While the firm is still being investigated for fraud in the U.K., Brian Cook who is a spokesperson for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said that Serco is a highly skilled company that has a proven track record in providing cost-effective services to numerous other federal agencies in the United States. Of grave concern in the federal government’s relationship with Serco Inc. is that the company has spent millions of dollars to lobby in Washington, D.C. and also contributed to political campaigns – including more than $6,000 to President Barack Obama’ reelection campaign.