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ObamaCare, climate change, deficit spending, Benghazi; lie, cheat, steal, kill

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Unbridled corruption by the Democrats is tearing America apart. Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) called the Benghazi investigation political theater, while Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has become America’s Baghdad Bob, vomiting blood on the Senate floor every time he opens his mouth to scorn Republicans. Democrats have given themselves immunity from the laws of civility as well as laws of humanity.

Giving the vote to morons who only demand more handouts, thieves who want government to steal from the rich for them, ideologues who don’t care that their leaders lie, cheat, steal, and kill Americans has led to America’s economic decline. Their elected president, as leader of the free world, stands impotent in the face of African slavers and Islamist terrorists due to his racism because they are his people as black Muslims. Every policy Democrats have enacted or want to enact is designed to break up the Christian family and empower those in government as the controlling force in the people’s lives.


Climate change

Deficit and debt

Benghazi cover-up

The Obama Doctrine: Managing America’s decline

Obamadon’tCare song

These four policies represent the worst of liberal Democrat corruption. From the lies of ObamaCare to the cover-up of Benghazi, there is far more in between. Liberals are an eruption of corruption on the face of America and not even their lapdog media can tell enough lies to cover them up.

Aside from cheating Americans through the climate change fraud there is also the IRS targeting and NSA spying. Along with deficit spending there are corrupt laws in Congress exempting them from the laws of citizens. And besides the betrayal at Benghazi that resulted in four Americans, including an ambassador, being killed by Al-Qaeda forces, there is also Operation Fast & Furious wherein Democrats sold assault weapons to Mexican drug dealers they have used to kill hundreds along the border.

Liberals get elected by pandering to the greedy with promises of stealing from the rich and sharing the wealth. Moderates keep trying to get elected by pandering to the greedy saying they are willing to work with Democrats. Conservatives need to make their position clear to people who rarely take their heads out of the sand long enough to hear more than liberal media propaganda. There are no Democrat policies that benefit the people, and conservatives need to educate the people to empty their heads of the propaganda that fills them.

Overcoming their indoctrinated mindset to believe liberal propaganda is a daunting task, but it is a battle that must be fought because they will not learn critical thinking on their own. These people re-elected Barack Obama even after Democrats spent years doing massive damage to the economy. When they can see DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz during the convention saying one thing and a few days later saying she said the opposite in side by side videos, and then say she is not a liar, their minds are closed tightly to the truth. A thinking person wouldn’t believe her if she said the sun rose in the morning without first checking the facts.

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