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Obamacare -- another giant step toward Utopia

"The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem and very often makes the problem worse." – Milton Friedman

It’s interesting to note that women have a right to choose whether or not to abort their unborn babies, but Americans do not have a right to choose their own health insurance plans. At least that’s the current talking point coming out of the Obama administration.

For three years Barack Obama had promised that, “If you like your doctor, you get to keep your doctor. And if you like your insurance plan, you get to keep your insurance plan. Period.”

But earlier this week, Obama began to articulate a new progressive line as Americans were shocked to learn that they can’t keep the insurance policies they purchased, even if they like them. That’s because our nanny state has determined that you can’t keep a product if it doesn’t meet the government’s arbitrary standards.

There is strong evidence that Obama knew all along that his promise to allow you to keep your insurance plan was a bald-faced lie. But even now, the left is trying to spin the broken promise flap by implying that the promise was not broken at all.

Hey, you ignorant know nothings … quit whining. This is for your own good. If your policy was cancelled ( insurance companies’ fault, not ours) just shut up and go shopping. We guarantee you’ll like the outcome. Sure, you’ll be purchasing a bunch of stuff that you don’t want or need … and it will cost you a lot more than you were paying … but that’s good for everyone who does happen to need those services.

Here is another case where the Utopian Masterminds and Central Planners have decided that we are unable to care for ourselves so they are mandated to step in and take control of our decisions for our own good.

Now we are faced with the prospect that instead of having hundreds of choices for insurance plans that can be customized to meet our unique requirements, we are limited to just four. (I actually heard a progressive on the Meghan Kelly show last night state say, with a straight face, that having limited choices is the essence of Capitalism.)

But what is the essence of freedom? Aren’t corporations, including insurance companies, free to craft products and present them to the consumer for purchase? Doesn’t freedom mean that we have the right to decide what to purchase without government intervention? The great thing about a truly free society is that citizens have the right to make decisions that seem to benefit them … even if that decision turns out to be a bad one.

Imagine shopping at your favorite supermarket and learning that all the products deemed unhealthy by the government have been removed from the shelves. Or that you go to an auto dealership to purchase a new car, but the only offering is a battery-powered death trap that is too small for your family and takes four hours to charge so that you can drive it 25 miles. (Oh, wait, those plans are already in the works.)

In essence this is what the Obama administration has done to the insurance market. By removing the insurance plans that the government deemed “bad apples” from the marketplace, they have taken a huge step toward their version of the perfect Utopian society.

Unfortunately utopian societies are not free. Utopian societies must be oppressed by the central planning committee or the monarch in order to control human nature which strives for independence.

With every step toward Utopia, individual freedom of choice is lost, never to be returned.

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