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Obamacare and the 2014 elections – Democrats have everything to lose

Democrat Incumbents still support Obamacare
Democrat Incumbents still support Obamacare
Various sources/Kimberly Morin

In two polls released yesterday by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, one thing is crystal clear: Incumbent Democrats are in big trouble and it is most likely due to their support for Obamacare. The first poll was regarding Obamacare while the second poll was specifically regarding candidates in New Hampshire Congressional Districts 01 and 02. A poll was released just a few days ago that showed Senator Shaheen’s disapproval climbing into double digits. Interesting that Democrat incumbents still 100% support Obamacare despite the disapproval by Granite Staters.

The first poll shows opposition to Obamacare rising while favorability for Obamacare has decreased by 14%. What’s clear in this poll over time is that the majority of those in New Hampshire have always opposed Obamacare yet Senator Shaheen and Representative Shea-Porter voted for it regardless. Given the increased costs to people; the loss of health insurance plans; loss of doctors and hospitals it’s no wonder the numbers are getting worse. Maybe polls like this are the reasons neither Shaheen nor Shea-Porter have given real town halls. It is rather cowardly to avoid your constituents knowing they are angry over something they told you not to vote for in the first place.

The second poll shows the approval ratings for the Congressional District incumbents in New Hampshire. Yet again, these numbers are not good. Both Shea-Porter and Representative Kuster’s approvals have gone down (although Kuster never had very high approval in the first place). According to the poll, if the election was to take place today, Shea-Porter would lose and former Representative Guinta would win – easily. In Kuster’s race, the relatively unknown State Representative Marilinda Garcia (who just recently announced her candidacy) is within striking distance as is former State Representative Gary Lambert.

Given the Democrat incumbents continuing support of Obamacare despite New Hampshire voters’ high disapproval of it throughout its inception, they have everything to lose. The good thing for Granite State voters is they have everything to win by ridding the state of politicians who didn’t listen to them in the first place. Obamacare isn’t the only legislation these Democrats pushed that voters disagreed with and it won’t be the last. It’s high time voters get representatives who actually represent them rather than their party.