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Obamacare a continuing fiasco and taxpayer "money pit" (video)

Although media coverage has softened on the Obamacare fiasco and government money pit, the taxpayer waste nevertheless goes on daily across the country. The latest story claims more than one million Americans may be receiving the wrong Obamacare subsidies and the government has not been able to solve the issue yet, according to Friday’s Washington Post.

Obamacare an unmitigated disaster
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That means American taxpayers who inadvertently got too much money could face crippling tax bills in upcoming years. “I have a sick feeling that there are these people out there who have made unintentional errors, and in a few years will be subject to massive tax bills,” said Jessica Waltman, senior vice president for government affairs at the National Association of Health Underwriters, a lobbying group for health insurance brokers.

The scenario is frightening. In most cases the federal computer system for the marketplace isn't able to match the proof with the application because the capability to do that hasn't been built. Note the forward-thinking government vision.

These volatile documents lay at a federal contractor Serco's Kentucky office storage facility as the improper subsidies keep being paid. Under current and absurd rules, people who actually receive the subsidies will have to return the extra money next year.

“White House pressure” is being assured, whatever that means. Look at this administration’s assurances. But Serco will be “starting this weekend to resolve the inconsistencies.” Serco has other problems with stunning news their taxpayer-paid workers do nothing all day but sleep and read. Government workers sitting around doing nothing? Shocking.

It would appear government projects versus private enterprise will be a hot campaign topic in many state and national races. The subsidy issue is one of the computer problems since the start-up of the system in October, 2013. derailed with embarrassing result at its launch last October.

Eight months later, with little or no media coverage, many parts of the website are still defective or not finished. On top of that, it is impossible for federal officials to know how many of the eight million people who signed up for healthcare coverage has paid their premiums, or how many enrollments were attempted but never completed.

The numbers are not on “rush” from a deceptive White House anemic of solid numbers on practically everything. But “assurances” again as members of the Obama administration have now promised congressional Republicans last year that an income-verification system would be in place.

The frightening part of all this incompetence is about 5.5 million of the 8 million people who signed up for insurance coverage in 2014 did so through the federal insurance exchange. Those internal documents examined by The Post shows that about 3 million of those applications contained at least one inconsistency. Scary.

Meanwhile the clock is ticking. “The longer it takes and the more months go by, the more serious the consequences of any error that may have occurred,” said Judy Solomon, vice president for health policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Strike another blow for free market capitalism and stern accountability for wrongdoing and incompetence. It is something sorely missing in any government endeavor.

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