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Obama will take part in climate change conference in Copenhagen

Is Anyone Listening?
Is Anyone Listening?
Green House Gas Guzzler by Jospeh W Carrillo

The AP/Huffington Post announced today that President Obama will take part in a climate change conference in Copenhagen next month. His appearance was provided by a White House official who chose to remain nameless.

At this conference, 65 world leaders are expected to hash out a global warming treaty (but is global warming a hoax?)  The President stated the treaty should have "immediate operational effect." and not just be a political declaration according to the Huffington Post.

The US had been guilty of having the most greenhouse gas emissions until China overcame the US in 2006. The Obama administration did point out that the US will present a target for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Seems the European Union (EU) has demanded both China and the US deliver some sort of long-range plan to stop greenhouse gas emissions, however, China, is on its own program and appears it will only listen and MAYBE take some suggestions. This means they won't deliver on any demands asked by the EU unless they can call it their own idea.

The US on the other hand does seem to want to present a plan, but what that plan is has not be divulged as of yet. Further, the Obama Administration did say it plans to reduce heat-trapping pollution by 17 percent by year 2020. With so many opponents to this Obama plan, and with both the House and Senate not promising any kind of yeah or nay on the plan until (at the very least, sometime next year), it gives one pause on how serious the US really is?

Sweden's environmental minister, Andreas Carlgren said an agreement with both China and the US is needed and both must be committed to plans before the climate conference ends. With the House and the Senate off on holiday vacations, this won't happen Mr. Carlgren, so don't hold your breath; unless of course you plan on visiting China or the US-- you should hold your breath a lot in these countries.

The Huffington Post also states that China would do what they were able and promised to reduce emissions but don't feel they should be required to make cuts outlined by any organization other than their own government. China did, however, commit to a 25 percent reduction.

Because a panel of the UN thinks developed countries should cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25 to 40 percent by year 2020, the US plan falls short with its goal of only 17%.

Again, governments hide behind bureaucracy with half-statements keeping citizens unaware of future goals when it comes to global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

At the very least, the President should have a great trip. Once he's done in Copenhagen, it's on to Oslo where he will accept the Nobel Peace Prize. But that my friends, is another debate.


  • Lee 5 years ago

    The UN got it's science data from the hacked center that was faking data. The Brits are selling off their green stocks.
    Looks like game over to the man made global warming scam to me.

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