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Obama welcomes illegal immigrants to the White House for an honor

 Barack Obama and Michelle Obama arrive at the White House on Monday, the day before Obama welcomes illegals to the White House on Tuesday.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Illegal immigrant activists will be welcomed and honored at President Barack Obama’s White House, says the Daily Caller on Monday. The two activists, who are with Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, will be honored in the nation’s capital. The event, being called a special White House ceremony, will honor the two activists as “Champions of Change.” The two activists are named Fernanda Zaragoza-Gomez and Steven Arteaga Rodriguez.

Zaragoza-Gomez is a 19-year-old Colorado Mi Familia Vota canvasser. Steven Arteaga Rodriguez is a Texas activist who is with the group. Additionally, both are labeled as “DREAMer”. They began their activism careers sometime after applying for a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which they both received. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program that has been established by President Obama to give living and working status to undocumented young immigrants.

The activists’ group is operated via offices in six states in the United States. The goal of their operation is massive. It is said to be for expanding the electorate through direct, sustainable citizenship, voter registration, census education, GOTV and issue organizing in key states.

The board of directors of the group Mi Familia Vota includes – but is not limited to – Eliseo Medina who is a labor leader. Medina said, four years ago, that he will keep working with Mi Familia Vota to grow Latino voter participation and push for common sense immigration reform so that one day, other families will not have to be separated from his father. Media asserts that he was separated from his father.

Reportedly, there will be no arrests made on Tuesday. The White House will be working with law enforcement officers during the event. In the same Daily Caller report, it was said that a top Obama aide at the White House, Valerie Jarrett, has held several secret meetings with illegal immigrant activists. And now, the president is to honor two of them at the White House. Naturally, as one can assume, pundits and comments made from those on the right, politically, are outraged that illegal immigrants are being welcomed and honored at the nation’s White House by the president.

The version of the story being told by The Hill asserts that a total of 10 young adults are included in the ceremony. It says the 10 persons came to the United States illegally. It also says that the 10 persons did, in fact, qualify for the president’s program which is designed to deport deportations in the country. All 10 of them emigrated from Mexico, Colombia, Morocco, India, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Many of them work in professions related to immigration policy in the United States.

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