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Obama vs. Putin

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President Barack Obama of the United States started his political career in the Illinois State Senate in 1996. Before this he was working with inner city groups in Chicago. He would stay in the State Senate until 2004 when he would be elected to the United State Senate. In 2008, he would be elected president of the United States. Now if you look at this resume of his for its face value Obama never should have been elected President. He had no background in International affairs. He truthfully came out of left field with not much to back him up. He mainly was elected because of his color. He is the first black President. In the time since, he has very little to show for a positive effect on our role in the world. He started off his first term by going to Muslim countries and apologizing for what America had done in the past. He has been accused of spying on our friends in Europe and he has not accomplished anything in Iraq or Afghanistan. His big credit would be the death of Osama Bin Laden. On the national front his Obama care is a joke. When it first came out last year the computers that would allow you to sign up couldn't do the job. He has no working relationship with Congress.

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation has been in power since 2000. He would be the successor to Boris Yeltsin. Putin's rise to power would be somewhat similar in that he came like Obama from left field. Putin has to his credit years of working in the KGB in the recruitment of new personnel for the foreign service. He would do the same sort of work in the University system. He would have skirmishes in Chechnya and he had a crisis with the submarine Kursk when it went down. Putin has learned to become the politician and negotiator that he is due to his years of leadership.

Comparing these two men is like night and day. Obama hasn't a clue how to handle a foreign situation and will be eaten alive by Putin. Putin on the other hand knows that his time is numbered as President due to his age. He is going to do whatever it takes with this Ukraine question. Obama wasn't even around when the crisis was taking shape. He has let too many Russians get into the Crimea and Putin isn't going to go away without getting something for his effort. On March 16 the Crimea will be voting on whether to stay with the Ukraine or go back to Russia. We already know that outcome. Say goodbye to Crimea being part of the Ukraine. Obama is a lame duck President who has too many irons in the fire and is not capable of handling the matters at hand. With this match up the prize goes to Putin.