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Obama vows 'year of action' will include more executive orders when necessary

U.S. President Barack Obama raises his glass in a toast
Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty Images

On Saturday, President Obama said in his weekly address, to the nation, 2014 will be a "year of action." He also vowed to "keep doing everything he can to create new jobs for American families."

Those plans have him working with Congress and "on his own" in order to achieve his intentions. It will take everyone "willing to play their part" in order to accomplish this.

The Washington Times says, "much of the president’s agenda is currently stalled in Congress." Mr. Obama wants the first actions, of this year, to start with lawmakers extending unemployment benefits. In Dec., those benefits expired for 1.3 million Americans.

He also said in his address:

This vital economic lifeline helps people support their families while they look for a new job,” Mr. Obama said. “Congress needs to finish the job right away. More than one million Americans across the country will feel a little hope right away.

Democrats in the Senate moved to extend those benefits earlier this week. However, that measure would cost $6 billion over three months, which would not be paid for. They later proposed a 10-month extension that would be paid for, but it stalled because of their move to "block Republican amendments." Another vote is expected to happen this coming week.

The president also noted other "steps he will take" to boost our nation's economic growth. On Wed., he'll be holding an event in North Carolina with colleges and manufacturing firms to "attract high-tech" jobs. He has also invited CEOs to the White House next week and plans to announce his proposals.

Those proposals will be his "commitments" to help put unemployed Americans back to work. Mr. Obama said that when he addresses the nation in his State of the Union on Jan. 28, he will:

Mobilize the country around the national mission of making sure our economy offers everyone who works hard a fair shot at opportunity and success. As Americans, that's what we should expect.

When he addresses Congress in his annual speech to them, he's expected to "call for lawmakers to increase the federal minimum wage."

It's interesting to note that many believe his comment of doing things "on his own" will include executive orders. In order to do that he'll have to bypass the legislative branch. There have been many calls for Mr. Obama, by liberal Democrats, to give himself the power to act unilaterally on issues.

In 2011, Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez demanded President Obama "take executive action today" on the issue of immigration. In Dec. 2012, Nancy Pelosi promoted the idea of Mr. Obama ruling by fiat in raising the debt ceiling. In Nov. of last year Charlie Rangel suggest Mr. Obama should simply rule by decree, issuing executive orders for "everything."

In Dec. of last year "49 House Democrats demanded Obama use executive orders to raise the minimum wage of some workers." As we can see the fear of many that Mr. Obama will "rule like a dictator" is valid.

The founding fathers did not intend laws to be created without Congressional approval. This give too much power to one person and goes beyond what they intended when the Constitution was written.

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