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Obama uses the s-word to defend his Syrian policy

anger over remarks from Sen. Corker
anger over remarks from Sen. Corker

Apparently the “ice man” as President Obama is often called has a melting point like everyone else. As we all know sometimes using a four-letter word is the more appropriate technical term to employ when your point is bouncing around the chasms of closed minds.

According to an article by Josh Rogin of the Daily Beast, during a bi-partisan meeting at the White House, the President bristled after scathing criticism on his foreign policy in general and lack of intervention in Syria in particular.

Days before members of Congress finished packing their bags after exhausting months of setting new records for getting little accomplished, members of Congress made the trip from the house on the Hill to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to discuss the ills of the world.

After fielding questions from the dozen lawmakers representing both sides of the aisle, President Obama’s demeanor changed when Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn) asked a long question which included finger-pointing placing the blame for the rise of ISIS and the tension in Ukraine on Obama’s so called dithering. The President said that thinking arming Syrian rebels would have led to a different is “horseshit.”

Apparently Sen. Corker did not find the President’s expletive pleasing to his sense of smell. Two days later he wrote a scalding op-ed in the Washington Post.

Those around the world who are looking to the United States for support against intimidation, oppression or outright massacres have learned a tough lesson in the past few years: This U.S. president, despite his bold pronouncements and moral posturing, cannot be counted on.
According to some news reports, a trickle of weapons and training found its way to the Syrian opposition, but to no discernible effect. In the absence of a U.S.-led effort to empower moderates, other regional powers began to fund extremists. Now, responding to the slaughter on the ground and congressional initiative, the administration has endorsed more overt assistance, but with no useful details and no sense of urgency. It appears it could be way too little and way too late.

In future meetings, when about to lose his temper, perhaps Mr. Obama would be wise to refer to the bodily functions of the Republican mascot instead of a horse. Correct party affiliation is important when addressing a conservative jackass.

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