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Obama Urges Congress To Extend Unemployment Benefits

We well recall the period of time when we depended upon unemployment benefits after the retail store that we worked for closed down due to bankruptcy. It was hard making ends meet, even with the unemployment benefits we received, but when those unemployment benefits ended, it was really hard to survive.

Over time you tend to get used to doing without, and cutting back on your groceries, and pinching pennies and watching every nickel 'until you could hear the buffalo squeal' because you were squeezing that nickel so tight, trying not to spend it, if you could avoid it.

Watch the attached video and let us know your own feelings on it: 'Obama Urges Congress To Extend Unemployment Benefits'. Many times it seems those who have gone through this period of unemployment react one way, while those who may have never had to draw unemployment benefits may react another way.

The Nashville area (Nashville-Davidson--Murfreesboro--Franklin, TN Metropolitan Statistical Area) for October 2013 was 6.6 unemployment rate in a listing of Metropolitan areas shown on the United States Department of Labor, and their Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

The lowest unemployment in Metropolitan areas was 1.7 at the Bismarck, ND Metropolitan Statistical Area; highest rate was 31.9 in the Yuma, AZ Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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