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Obama tops worst President since WWII

President Obama kissing up to make up? Hardly
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Those that voted against Obama knew his change would be for the worse from the beginning. The guy to this day is still blaming the prior administration for the countries problems. It’s obvious he lacks leadership in fact he can rarely be counted on to work for his money as he’s constantly on vacation or golfing. Now the country has spoken, he’s the worst president since WWII.

The border tragedy that has Obama sending $ 3.7 billion dollars is President Obama’s making. The media as usual is painting it in a false light saying “we should spend billions of dollars we don’t have on these illegal aliens.” In 2011 some 6,000 illegal minors crossed the border and during Obama’s 2012 campaign he illegally granted amnesty to these people. Yes, illegally, it’s the Congressional branch that’s supposed to make the laws not the President.

Recently the Border Patrol agents asked these 50,000 illegals amassed on our borders why they were there? At least 95% said it was because they believed they would be granted amnesty. This demonstrates our Presidents total disregard for our current immigration laws and his unwillingness to enforce them because he would have secured the perforated border.

“Obama and Boehner have proven once and for all that their talk of passing immigration reform amnesty, instead of enforcing America’s existing border and immigration laws, only brings more unwanted and destructive illegal immigration!” William Gheen, President of ALIPAC.US

In fact this brings disease as the camps are plagued with Tuberculosis and more that doctors and nurses are threatened by imprisonment if they reveal it to the media. Okay so if you add this all up since Obama took office you have more scandals than we ever saw with Clinton or Nixon who faced impeachment proceedings. This only confirms that we have perhaps the worst president in history in office today. If not today, he will probably be the worst very soon.

A wise many would have used the $ 3.7 billion to resolve the homeless veterans he’s ignored instead of applying it to more social services for foreigners. The only words that come to mind to describe this administration’s actions are treasonous and impeachment for those in power.

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