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Obama to meet with leaders of countries involved in illegal alien crisis

President Barack Obama invited the top leaders of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to meet with him on Friday, July 25, at the White House to discuss the illegal alien crisis at the Mexico-Texas border in which thousands of young Latinos stormed the border with little, if any, resistance by the Obama administration, according to a White House statement on Friday.

The tugging of heartstrings appears to be the only way to defend Obama's lawlessness, say opponents.
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The Obama minions announced that Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, and El Salvadoran President Salvador Sanchez Ceren agreed to meet with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to address the crisis many believe was created by Obama.

According to the Obama administration and its media sycophants, the United States authorities been speaking to the three Central American governments about the best way to stop the flood of illegal aliens into the U.S., especially into Texas.

While many believe this face-to-face meeting is a great first-step, others believe this meeting will be used as just one more "non-photo opportunity," by Obama and his politically-motivated underlings.

"The first thing I asked myself when news broke about this meeting was 'where the heck is the Mexican president?' There is no way those tens of thousands of illegal aliens reached our border without Mexican assistance. I'll bet there was even assistance from the Islamists who continue to increase their presence in Latin America," said former undercover police investigator Iris Aquino.

"In his rush to increase the Democrats' Latino plantation, Obama created a firestorm and then puts on a performance in which he boasts about his firmness on dealing with illegal aliens," Aguino added.

Last week, President Obama requested from both house of the U.S. Congress $3.7 billion for the illegal-alien emergency. That amount includes about $300 million to assist the three governments to deal with the return of their illegal aliens.

"If I wrote this in a screenplay, no one would buy it. Their people illegally invade our sovereign nation, and we give them [Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemalan leaders] billions of taxpayer dollars to take them back? This whole episode starting with Obama's executive orders needs to be investigated by a special prosecutor," said political strategist Mike Baker.

As reported by Accuracy in Media, the Homeland Security Department opened a detention center for illegal aliens with about 700 beds at the Border Patrol's training facility in New Mexico. Many found the use of that federal law enforcement academy to be the epitome of illogic since Border Patrol agents are taught tactics and strategies for repelling illegal aliens at U.S. borders or arresting them upon illegal entry.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced on Friday that a prisoner detention center in Karnes County, Texas, will be turned into temporary housing for about 600 illegal alien families.

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