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Obama to Iraq ‘Unite your communities’; Americans to Obama, ‘do the same’

With resistance from malfeasant president Maliki, Haider al-Abadi has been selected the next prime minister.

Barack Obama on vacation in Martha's Vineyard
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images.

“Iraqi President Fouad Massoum picked Abadi, the deputy speaker of parliament, on Monday to lead the Baghdad government as it faces the onslaught of militants who have overrun much of its northern and western parts.”

Maliki still wants a third term. Sunnis, Kurds, and even fellow Shiites have called for him to step aside. Iraqi government is a mess by design. President Obama and Vice President Obama have endorse Abadi and offer to help as he forms a new government. That assistance cannot come too soon to save Iraq from implosion.

Watching Iraq and other Middle Eastern governments struggle to cope with a plurality just underscores Americans’ own struggle. Plurality in this sense means coalition. A coalition of different people and ideas requires collaboration and consensus that is achieved by political design.

The American political system is intended to be a model, and yet We the People and our three institutions are not doing a very good job producing ideal performance. It is because the participants have become too rigid in ideology.

Islamic states have dueling ideologies that are evident by religious sects. Americans have dueling ideologies that are evident by political parties. Neither are effective when they are unadaptive and intolerant as is the case today.

In the Iraq instance, the Iraqi federal government must unify various factions into a commitment to the value of an integrated Iraq. An integrated Iraq should have a higher probability of ensuring security for the entire nation. A divided Iraq cannot do that. A nation that cannot protect its citizens and provide a sustainable economy cannot stand.

So, the priority for Iraq and its supporters is to unite for Iraq’s sake and for the sake of its citizens. The Islamic State represents a hostile alternative that will be at war with the free world until it is defeated.

The choices are clear for the U.S., support a united Iraq, and fight and defeat the dividers.

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