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Obama tie to DSK sex scandal getting thicker

Obama seems unhappy with DSK
Obama seems unhappy with DSK
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In a recent report on a link was shown between President Barack Hussein Obama, the sex scandal involving Dominique Strauss-Kahnn and an alleged rape of a hotel maid. Kahnn was released last week after it was revealed that the maid lied about the events and he was given his bail money back; a total of 3.7million.

The previous report outlined a curious link between the Obama administration, the new head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, her previous employer - law firm Baker & Mckenzie, a phosphate company in Saudi Arabia, and political donations made by lawyers employed by Baker & Mckenzie.

Now we have learned of a mysterious time line which further solidifies a possible Obama involvement in the scandal set up and also a picture has surfaced which points to some possible animosity between Obama and DSK.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was head of the IMF and considering a run for President of France. He was in a hotel with a woman who was initially described as a devout Muslim whom Kahnn supposedly surprised in his room and raped. She claims Strauss-Kahn subjected her to a vicious sex attack when she came to clean his suite at the Sofitel hotel, telling investigators he was "naked and chased her across the room". He was charged with the crime as described.

Enter Christine Lagarde. Lagarde was a lead attorney for law firm Baker & Mckenzie. This law firm is connected to the Obama administration through political donations outlined in the previous report.

In keeping with the timeline we have learned that Lagarde's nomination to be head of the IMF was not certain until the approval was given by the Obama White House; an administration which benefitted indirectly from Lagarde's former employer Baker & Mckenzie through political donations documented here.

The Washington Post reported June 28 that Lagarde was chosen only after Obama had approved. The US is responsible for 17% of the money under IMF control. Politico reported the same fact June 28 saying "Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced that the Obama administration supported Lagarde, solidifying her lock on the job".

We move forward two days now. Lagarde's position with the IMF has been locked with Obama's approval. Revelations begin to pour out of the court room that DSK's accuser has been lying extensively. The case against him has fallen apart and he is released. While the charges have not been dropped that seems to be all but a formality now. DSK is removed and Obama's girl is in charge. Voila!

We have documented the donation of $3800 from a lawyer working for Lagarde's former Chicago law firm which links Obama to all of this but what else can be found? It was revealed back in 2008 that Obama was accepting donations from persons using prepaid credit cards. These donations cannot be tracked. It is actually remarkable that there was even one to be found.

Now, in addition to all of this a picture has surfaced which depicts a sort of dislike by Barack Hussein Obama toward DSK. You be the judge of that one. Either way, could it be that Dominique Strauss-Kahnn has [perhaps] fallen victim to an Obama fix to get him out and put a Chicago donation friend in as head of the IMF? What are the implications of this? Stay tuned for more.



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