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Obama tan suit turns distraction tactic during confession: 'We have no strategy'

Obama’s tan suit took on a life of its own yesterday as he stood on the podium to tell the world that the U.S. does not have a strategy to deal with the ISIS as of yet. Twitter and Facebook were teaming with Obama tan suit comments, with the majority of the comments coming across as sarcastic and funny quips about the leader of the free world’s garb, as USA Today reports on Aug 29.

Obama's tan suit, was the subject that saturated Twitter during the President's press conference yesterday.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Jokesters posted tweets like “Did the president announce we’re going to war while we were busy making fun of his terrible suit,” which is what Josh Barro tweeted. During the press conference more than 4,000 tweets were posted on the President’s tan suit.

The White House shared that the President “loves that suit,” but unfortunately his admiration for the tan garment wasn’t shared by the majority of his tweeting countrymen! Philip Klein posted “This is what happens when Obama bypasses Congress to purchase a suit.”

The real news should have been Obama admitting that “we don’t have a strategy” for battling the Islamic State (ISIS). Instead it was all about the suit for many, suggests News Max today.

Even the crew on the curvy coach got into the act on “Fox and Friends” live Friday morning. “Too baggy” was one of the comments and a few things were tossed around about the President’s “taupe” suit. Steve Doocy, who notoriously wears his seersucker summer suits on the air, saw nothing wrong with Obama’s tan suit!

Obama was making some serious comments on the Islamic State and the threats they pose for the nation, but 4,000 people were more interested in what he was wearing. Besides his choice of outfits, the President admitting that there is no tactical plan in place to combat the threats of the ISIS was met with disbelieve and embarrassment from some of the country’s politicians who were quick to jump on that statement.

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