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Obama takes aim at gender pay gap

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Barack Obama wants to make sure women and me are paid equally.

According to the Associated Press on April 8, President Obama signed an executive order that changes the federal contractor compensation practices aimed at boosting transparency and bringing the pay of women to equal status with their male counterparts.

During an event at the White House on April 8, signed the order that will ban federal contractors from retaliating against workers who engage in conversations about their pay. He also ordered the U.S. Labor Department to issue new rules that will require federal contractors to show compensation data the will include a breakdown of pay by race and gender.

Obama told the press:

"Pay secrecy fosters discrimination."

As with all of his executive orders, the president is hoping that Congress will follow suit and pass legislation that will end gender pay discrimination in the private sector. Democrats in the Senate are already taking up the cause, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to bring a bill to the Senate floor that will make it easier for women to sue companies who pay them less because of gender.

Stay tuned.

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