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Obama supporters are believed to be behind "miss me yet" George Bush billboard

Miss Me Yet Bush billboard
Miss Me Yet Bush billboard

Hollywood gossip reports that Obama supporters are behind the "miss me yet" George Bush billboard. They say that the meaning behind it was to remind people of Obama's original promise to bring about hope and change as well as to remember how bad it could be if Bush was still in office.

The billboard is on HWY I-35 in Chisago county, Minnesota and it was purchased by a group of small business owners who wish to remain anonymous. Why?

Hollywood Gossip reports that some of the owners who helped purchase the ad may be from Chicago and also support President and Chicago native, Barack Obama.

Cindy Erickson, chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Chisago county says that she thinks that the people who funded that ad are actually posing to be Obama supporters but are really conservative activists.

What do you think?

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  • Ernest Tucker 5 years ago

    And yet, there are some Republicans that look at this billboard to remind them of the good old days under Bush. Hmmmm...sad.

  • Doc_Navy 5 years ago

    I think the most important commentary here is that the Democrats think that the billboard is some sort of secret conservative, anti-obama campaign as manifested by the statements of Cindy Erickson.

    What is the unspoken message if a Democrat looks at the billboard and thinks it's anti-Obama??

    Seems to me that this one rates up there with:

    "How's that change working out for ya?"
    "Got Hope?" and "LOL!" (With the "O's" in the image of the Obama campaign symbol)

    and of course the ever present,
    "Don't blame me, I voted for Palin."


  • notJoeKing 5 years ago

    I think the billboard should read "That's my war he's continuing to fight and my bailouts he continuing to give. Thanks Obama and keep up the good work."

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