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Obama Summer 'War on Women' defeated by Melanie Tipton’s Reaganomic Revolution!

Obama Summer 'War on Women' defeated by Melanie Tipton’s Reaganomic Revolution!
Obama Summer 'War on Women' defeated by Melanie Tipton’s Reaganomic Revolution!
photo credit - Melanie Tipton

You do not have to be a woman to continue to feel the economic pain that has shackled your family this summer or in fact over the past several years. But what is particularly horrifying for most women who are mothers, business women, students in college or starting a career or job, is Obama’s War on Women is real and it is deadly.

Despite the lies and mistruths and well honed diversionary Saul Alinsky socialistic tactics, your buying power continues to plummet while your bills continue to increase. Now step back and consider what your family could not do this summer in terms of a vacation. What about the extra money to enjoy a few ballgames, or visit to the beach or take in a few weekend movies.

For many women who are typically the caretaker of the family purse strings, it has come down to not just pinching dollars or even pennies, it is simply not having any money to pinch. Trouble is, it is not just you, because your neighbor across the street is feeling it and your sister or brother’s family is feeling it to.

That is why for many who lived through the Reagan years when the revolution of economic prosperity was not just a dream after the Carter years of paralyzing malaise, but it was real on a personal level. Remember how you could enjoy new cars, a new home, go on family vacations and upgrade your wardrobe, without feeling like you were mortgaging your future. Sure you do, and you did not have to feel guilty about doing it.

It is that America, where whether you were black or white or any other American ethnicity you could enjoy the promise of the American Dream. This summer, while Obama prepares to spend nearly a month costing millions of tax payer dollars for his vacation on Martha's Vineyard, you will be feeling the impact of his war on women and families.

This summer women will continue to struggle to make ends meet and women who strive to create jobs and business opportunities will still feel abandoned by Obama enacted policies. But it certainly does not have to be that way. Now is the time for Reaganomics; which has never been as clear as now in the summer of 2014.

Simply compare Obama’s Misery Index with the era of Reaganomics when there was job and business growth which allowed every American the opportunity to aspire to the American Dream and actually get a foothold for themselves and their children. Compare that to now where without the policies of Reaganomics the Obamanization of America has hit women especially hard. In 2014 Millions of women who are mothers, sisters, wives and even neighbors are suffering from job loss, medical insurance disruptions due to Obamacare and hopelessness that is unparalleled since the Great Depression.

In this summer of discontent every woman in their heart knows it and feels it. This is especially true for one conservative visionary, award winning journalist and businesswoman, Melanie Tipton. She shares her Reaganomics vision private sector rebirth in her upcoming Melanie’s Journey Through Chattanoogaville” documentary. The documentary which is sponsored by The Conservative Campaign Committee / 1 Million People to Defeat Barack Obama will be the direct opposite of liberal Michael Moore’s socialistic propaganda film war on Capitalism.

Tipton has created a vehicle which embraces the winning formula that women and families all across the nation will want to see and to share. Unlike the democrats and Obama who feel that taking away incentives from business and job creation is a more practical socialistic approach, Melanie shows through her documentary how women and others who have struggled to create opportunity can rise when Reaganomics pave the way.

Ask yourself this. As a woman who believed the words of a president who admitted that he lied about his one major legacy policy, Obamacare, can you still reasonably think he had not lied about everything else? Just this week, a U.S. federal appeals court determined yet another lie of Obamacare was illegal, concerning the healthcare subsidies

Reagan, unlike Obama, did not bend the truth to fit the political winds of the moment. The “Gipper” told the hard truths about what was needed for success and he then demonstrated how it could and then did work for women and families. Reaganomics did not offer excuses and place blame in order to keep people impoverished and attached to the government welfare entitlement machine.

Melanie shows through her "Fighting Against Obama's War On Capitalism” documentary promo how Reaganomics can work with no excuses and no blame, and just plain old hard work, determination and conservative pro growth private sector enabled policies that will benefit women and families.

This can and will be a summer of renewal because you, your family and the American Dream is the answer. All of Obama’s paralyzing policies and positions which attack the vibrancy of America’s economy are pointed out in “Melanie’s Journey Through Chattanoogaville” documentary. Begin your step toward a better, brighter future and join her to see how a Reaganomic revolutionary rebirth will eliminate Obama and the Democrat’s hopeless and unchanging economic misery and replace it with a restoral of the American Dream. This will help eliminate the Obama “War on Women” for every female in America.


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