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Obama still refuses to visit the border

Obama continues to fundraise while refusing to visit the border.
Obama continues to fundraise while refusing to visit the border.
Photo by Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images

While in Texas, Barack Obama filled his time with fundraisers. He attended one in North Texas, a $10,000 a plate dinner at the mansion of a hefty contributor. He also had a few others on his schedule. However, he is disinclined to change his schedule or extend his stay in Texas for a trip to the border to talk with Border Patrol officers, those on the line fighting back the tide of children making their way illegally into the country.

Only after much cajoling and persuasion did he even grudgingly meet with Governor Rick Perry to talk about the issue that he himself has acknowledged is a crisis for the whole of the southwest. Already this year, tens of thousands of children from Honduras, Guatamala, and El Salvador have made their way across our southern border, either alone or with "coyotes." Fox News reports that by the end of 2014, those numbers could rise to 90,000 and by the end of 2015, nearly 150,000.

Obama continues to blame Congress for the problem, in particular the Republicans by calling them obstructionists. He claims they'd rather play politics than solve the problem, but he has done nothing toward resolving the issue except rant and rave at Congress and play politics. Despite pleas from those around him, Governor Rick Perry, and even Wendy Davis, a Democrat from Texas, he has staunchly refused all invitations to go to the border to see the situation for himself.

Here in Dallas, there are tentative plans to utilize unused schools to house and feed about 2,000 of these children. Churches are stepping up to deal with the crisis as they plan to open their doors as well. Other private organizations are gearing up to care for the many who may soon be knocking on the doorstep of the DFW area, but Obama has no time to see the situation for himself.

His refusal to go to the border keenly demonstrates how he just doesn't get it. A trip to the Rio Grande is not about gathering information first-hand, but rather a demonstration that he cares about these children, and that he's willing to do something constructive about it. But Obama doesn't see it that way. He doesn't realize the impact his presence could have, but then, after six years in the Oval Office, he still hasn't grown into the job. He used to be a community organizer by trade, and in his mind, he's still a community organizer.

He doesn't realize that while he can get all the information he needs from others, only his presence can give the impression that he cares. Only is presence can give the impression that he's willing to offer support to the Border Patrol and get care for the thousands of children streaming over our borders until we can find a safe solution for them. Ah, but those would be the thoughts and actions of a true leader. We haven't had one in at least six years.

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