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  • Pegib 6 years ago

    Too few words to comment here.
    The health care bill just passed is a wonderful thing for the common American! Believe me as I am 71 years old and a history researcher. Our President knows history and it consiquences(sic) but soon American citizens will know that what has been done is a posative thing. I am a registered nurse of many years and I know that the middle class Americans are struggling to keep their homes and pay insurance premiums not covered by their employers. ALSO the government that people elected by and serving the people, need to give up THEIR free insurance and inflated pensions for them and their spouces
    The common citizen is deprived of such things. History unvisited, tends to repeat itself. Please read James Grants Book "Party of One" John Adams (a founding father) and I assure you that you WILL realize that this is "For The People" and not "Against" the people.
    God Bless America, Land of the FREE

  • chuck 6 years ago

    Yes, Pegib, I couldn't begin to see why we wouldn't think this was a great thing! Oh, you're 71 years old? Wow you must be a genius by now. Since you're such a fan of history, try to explain how you think the founders would feel about a tyrannical federal government. Pretty sure they fought a war to get away from one.

    Oh you were a nurse too? wow that must make you an expert in economics.

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