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Obama "Sorry" About People Losing Health Care Due to Affordable Care Act

As many people now know, there have been a lot of people who lost health care coverage due to the new regulations from Obamacare. Once it became known by many people, President Obama apologized for people losing their coverage. The question, though, is: What is he apologizing for?

There seem to be only two options for what he might be apologizing for. Neither of them are good, and both of them indicate what as already known-allowing Obamacare to go into effect was a very poor choice, and, in fact, hurts America. I am not going to argue against Obamacare/Affordable Care Act based on the bill itself, as it is not even debatable at this point, whether or not Obamacare was a good policy to enforce.

The first option is that Obama did not realize that his bill would cause people to go without insurance. It was known that many people would remain uncovered, but may not have been known that more people would lose their insurance. If this is the case, then as bad as it is, mistakes happen, and it may have been missed. It's still not good, but okay If this is the case, then it means the bill needs to be put on hold, and looked at again. It needs to be more accurately analyzed so that effects can be better predicted, and either be changed or thrown out. So if this is what happened, we can expect that it will be thrown out or put on hold.

The other option is that it was known, but that nobody cared, and Obama lied when he said that we could all keep our insurance if we liked it. This is obviously the more scary option. If it was known, but sold with the impression that the opposite were true, then there is a serious problem. If this were the case, then it is likely we can expect the bill to remain in place, with no changes. If it was known that this would happen, then the effects wouldn't cause there to be any change, so it will stay as is.

Whether or not it was an unknown effect or a known one, the question is: what is going to happen as a result of this bill that we are still unaware of? We clearly do not know everything about the bill, either because it has not been discovered yet, or we are told that some things we though we knew are actually incorrect. It means this bill needs to be completely tossed out, or we need to be made aware of all aspects of it, and have it revoted on. What I can say, with a solid amount of confidence, is that the more we learn about this bill and how it was presented/handled, the more obvious it is that it hurts this country.

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