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Obama skirts CIA hacking, typical lack of leadership and responsibility

The Executive branch is in charge of the CIA. It appoints the executives and manages them and the operation. If the CIA has hacked the Senate’s computers, specifically the Intelligence Oversight Committee headed by Democrat Dianne Feinstein, than the President and his chain of command are responsible.

Obama avoids confronting CIA spy charges

So, when Senator Feinstein levied her apparently well-founded charges, something that is highly unusual for this senior Democrat who is more conservative than most, that is a very big deal. The charge is that the Executive branch has abused its separation powers by breaching the Congressional communications systems with spying. Not only that, she alleges that they deleted information.

Now, from whistleblower, Edward Snowden, Americans know that the Obama administration-led spying apparatus has been spying illegally all over the place. There has been a serious lack of executive management and supervision akin to Richard M. Nixon’s abuse of power. Those are impeachment words that Republicans have been looking for, and here they are served up by a senior Democrat Senator.

Obama is laying low.

“Obama stays quiet on CIA vs. Senate

President says it's not "appropriate" for the White House to comment yet on the allegations the Senate and the CIA have leveled against each other”

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