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Obama security team ponders black ops mission to kill Taliban 5 in Qatar

A former U.S. intelligence official, who worked on covert operations throughout the Middle East and Latin America, claims the scuttlebutt among Beltway security experts is that there may be an a abrupt end to the freedom of the Taliban terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay's detention center, he intimated on Sunday.

The U.S. maintains a headquarters in Qatar.
Courtesy of American Forces Press Services

"With all the negative publicity generated by [President Barack] Obama's Taliban prisoner swap for an Army sergeant, Bowe Bergdahl, the Commander in Chief is being offered plans for covert operations to 'terminate with extreme prejudice' the five terrorists now living relatively free in the Arab nation [of] Qatar," said the deep background intelligence source.

Qatar's Al Udeid Air Base is home to the United States Central Command and United State Air Force Central Command. It would not be difficult to bring in a squad of special forces troops to launch a covert operation to kill the newly released five Taliban members especially since they are being allowed to roam that nation and are even heralded as heroes by some of the Qatari people, he said.

"Obama's releasing of Taliban detainees from the U.S. prison in Gitmo [Guantanamo Bay, Cuba] without notifying the appropriate member of the House and Senate has led to Republicans calling the prisoner swap the beginning of the end of the controversial military detention center and the continued release of detainees back to Middle Eastern nations," said political strategist Mike Baker.

Baker said he would not be surprised if Obama decides to demonstrate that should any of the detainees he releases return to the battlefield, they will be killed. He also points to Obama's alleged narcissistic character trait that make him prone to seeking adulation of others and avoiding criticism.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, is among those lawmakers who are very critical of Obama's actions and he is on the record as saying he will attempt to stop Obama's arbitrary release of over 100 terrorist detainees.

Graham is quoted as saying this week that his main objective is to make certain these enemy combatants remain incarcerated in order to protect the American people and U.S. interests throughout the world. He has accused Obama and his fellow administration officials of “trying to clean out the jail,” according to Fox News.

Meanwhile, Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., created a brochure containing the photographs detainees traded for Bergdahl. It reads: "Obama's Release Threatens Americans' Safety Around the World and is a Backdoor Effort to Close Guantanamo."

"Congress has passed a law and [Obama] has signed a law that he will not close Guantanamo,” California GOP Rep. Buck McKeon, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, told CNN. “Whatever his desires are, that does not conform to the law and he is the chief administrator of the law of the nation and should uphold his constitutional obligation to follow the law."

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