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Obama school speech and the lessons involved

Tom Benning reports on Obama’s planned address to students. President Barack Obama’s planned address to America’s school children has stirred political passions across the county, not least in the Republican stronghold of Texas. The President will speak directly to the nation’s students Tuesday, via the White House Web site and C-SPAN, about the importance of education and staying in school. Republican critics have said the address is part of a political agenda to indoctrinate students.

This concept has actually been blown out of proportion. The fervent disagreements with Obama's policies have clouded the judgment of some. Most Presidents speak to school children, and frankly that is an honorable thing to do. I haven't found myself saying this very often lately, but "I commend you, Mr. President." The president should certainly speak to our children and give them a sense of excitement about education.

However, this situation is somewhat different than in the past when a president has spoken to America's students. This time, the Obama administration and the Department of Education have teamed up and put together a lesson plan, of sorts, for educators to prepare their students for the speech. Included in the lesson plans was an idea to have students write letters to themselves after the speech about how they can help the President. That part of the lesson plan – and other contested parts – have been changed. Students are now encouraged to write letters about their short-term and long-term education goals. The children should be learning that our president wants them to succeed in school. But they should not be placed in a position of having to choose sides if they (or their families) happen to vehemently disagree with his policies. The lesson plans themselves are what has caused the uproar, not the speech.


From the White House:

When Tuesday, September 8th, at 12:00 PM (EDT) How to Watch The President's message will be streamed live on, and broadcast live on C-Span Downloadable video of the speech will be made available on this page later that day as it becomes available For school districts hoping to access the satellite feed, it will be available beginning at 11:00 AM (EDT) using the following coordinates:  * Galaxy 28/Transponder 17, Slot C (9 MHz) * Uplink Frequency 14344.5 Horizontal   * Downlink Frequency 12044.5 Vertical Classroom

Engagement Resources    A video contest for students will be launched soon - details will be available at

Lesson Plan for elementary children.
Lesson Plan for older kids and teens.

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