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Obama says Stop Hatin’ All the Time, its all ‘Mo Better’

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Are you a Hater? Obama says you are in his speech where he says to "stop hatin' all the time". Stupid white people don’t even know what those T-Shirts mean when they read I “heart” Haters. Haters are those who hate Obama. Imagine that. He actually did do something to set a trend. He has divided us even more by calling us a Hater if we disagree with his agenda. But that is not the point Hater, don’t you know its all ‘Mo Better’.

Since Obama and the democrats have came into power, one has to admit that it has gotten ‘ Mo Better’ for the illegal aliens that are cramming themselves into our borders and shooting us the finger as they walk, no, not walk, but are bussed in and transported by our federal agents to hidden facilities until further action.

Then there are those on food stamps. That program has gotten ‘Mo Better’ in its enrollees with attendance busting at the seams with recipients. Last count, according to CNS News there were 46,609,000 people receiving food stamps.

Then there is the price of food which has gotten ‘Mo Better’ and doubled since he has been in office. And let us not forget the price of gasoline which has gotten ‘Mo Better’ and stayed above the $3 mark and in some areas into the $4 mark. That’s all ‘Mo Better’ for the greedy that profit on the higher cost of gasoline.

Oh yes, unemployment has gotten ‘Mo Better’ with less people being able to find a good job and now, so many of us are having to work two jobs just to maintain the life style we used to have.

And then there are the homosexuals who for sure everything is getting ‘Mo Better’ as they are gaining momentum into our society, mocking the biblical institution of marriage with “Gay Marriage between two Sodomites or two Lesbians”. Call them Civil Unions, Haters, don’t bend over and just let them walk all over you. It has definitely been ‘Mo Better’ for the homosexuals and not so ‘Mo Better’ for the Christians. But see, you Christians are Haters because you refuse to accept immorality and sexual sin. Haters!

One could go on and on about all that is getting ‘Mo Better’ and if you disagree, then you will be called a Hater by a president of the United States!

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